Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1668

    Chapter 1668: Nothing Compares To Mommy

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    Chapter 1668: Nothing Compares To Mommy
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    Ning Xi beamed and patted the little guy's head. "Sure!"

    She then went up to the rooftop with the little bun.

    Lu Tingxiao trailed right behind them, glancing at his son questionably.

    When they reached the rooftop, Ning Xi gazed up at the sky regretfully, "What a shame! We can't see that many stars in Imperial... Next time, we'll look at the stars from Peachwood!"

    The little bun watched his mother contentedly. "It's alright, Mommy. We can look at something else!"

    Ning Xi blinked her eyes in confusion. "Something else? What's that?"

    The little bun pursed his lips and pointed towards the sky. "This"

    Ning Xi scanned the direction the little bun pointed at. Suddenly, there was a bright flash and a stream of light popped up from below, then it exploded mid-air. Fireworks started going off one by one, forming a few words

    At the same time.

    Lu Jingli was enjoying some wine by his balcony, and Jiang Muye was playing games inside his room when the both of them suddenly heard a loud explosion outside.

    They then gawked at the fireworks in the sky that formed three words: "I love you".

    A shadow crossed Jiang Muye's face when he saw the three words. His hands shook and his game avatar died on-screen.

    "What the heck?!" Lu Jingli shot up to his feet. He leaned against the balcony railing and looked up into the sky. "Dude! Do they have to do this after all this time?! Can you please let your brother be at peace? My little heart is so wounded"

    As Lu Jingli was lamenting on and on, there was another explosion as another word appeared in the sky, "Mommy".

    I love you, Mommy?

    "Uhh" Lu Jingli stood there in disbelief.

    He thought his brother was being romantic, but it had been actually Little Treasure all along?

    "W-wow, my little bun is amazing!"

    This damned kid was impressive. Just how old was he? Besides, he would only get better when he grows up!

    Jiang Muye looked like a dog when he saw the words "I love you, Mommy" and "Nothing compares to Mommy". So, the difference between him and Lu Tingxiao was but a child?

    What a godly form of support! He could just kneel before him now

    Compared to Lu Jingli and Jiang Muye, the one with more mixed feelings should be... the devil himself.

    He realized that the little guy had been busy preparing something since the morning, but he did not expect this

    Son, you just snatched my job away, do you know that?

    However, the little guy did remind him that as time passed and the longer they dated, whilst they became more intimate and closer to each other, starting to act like an old couple, he was not really an expert at this and that their relationship was lacking some spice and romance.

    His son did not get such ideas from him for sure; he received these romantic genes from Ning Xi

    "Wow... These are" Ning Xi was really surprised before she could realize what was going on.

    Despite being an outrageous flirt who knew about everything a Casanova would do, Ning Xi was just as excited as any typical girl would react right then.

    "Little Treasure, did you prepare this for your Mommy?"

    Little Treasure nodded shyly as he looked nervous. "Mommy, I read a book says that girls need romance! Do you like it?"

    Ning Xi replied with a big hug and kisses to the little bun. "Oh! I love it!"