Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1667

Chapter 1667: Unconditional Assistance

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Chapter 1667: Unconditional Assistance
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Mo Lingtian repeatedly read that line on his phone and studied that picture over and over again.

That drawing style was clearly Little Treasure's, and the person in the portrait should be Ning Tianxin, no doubt.

All good things must come to an end... What did this mean?

At this moment, he noticed Ning Xi's location as Imperial Airport.

When he read the location address properly, Mo Lingtian's fingers trembled. Before his head could react, his body had already rushed out.

"Eh? Mo Lingtian! Where are you going?"

"What's up with this guy?"

"I don't know!"


All of the voices disappeared behind him. Mo Lingtian had gone down and hopped into his car at the quickest speed possible.

In the driver's seat, Mo Lingtian looked at that message from the corner of his eye again. He was about to start his engine when he hesitated. He suddenly stopped everything that he was doing.

Ning Xi had posted this status an hour ago...

This meant that... she was probably long gone...

Even if he got lucky and she had not left, he was at the peak of a mountain. It would take at least two hours to get to the airport from here, so he would not be able to make it.

Suddenly, Mo Lingtian felt as if he had abruptly fallen from a towering cliff. The weightlessness mixed with dizziness instantly engulfed him.

It was not sure how long had passed. The man still held onto his phone and lay on the steering wheel. He did not move at all, and the part of his chest, where his heart was beating, felt as if it had been forcibly hollowed out as a cold wind whistled by.

As if it was only at this point that he was truly aware, that girl who had stood at the same spot no matter where he turned had really, thoroughly left his life...


After leaving the airport.

Ning Xi was still thinking about Ning Tianxin. "Darling, what kind of person is Qin Mufeng really? Is he reliable?"

"His character isn't too bad. He's led a simple private life. His family and parents are more tolerant and open-minded."

Lu Tingxiao's few simple sentences had included all of the things Ning Xi cared about.

Ning Xi's expression softened. "Sigh, I hope this guy will work harder! I wonder how his pick up skills are like, but at least he studied psychology! If he really can't do it, then let him ask me. I'll teach him! Whatever it is, just as long as it isn't Trash Mo, as long as he's sincere towards Sis Tianxin, I'll definitely offer unconditional assistance!"

Lu Tingxiao did not know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at the way she was even graver than Qin Mufeng. "This sort of things can't be rushed. It still needs your cousin to move on by herself."

"I know..." sighed Ning Xi.

One could not blame her for worrying because she knew Ning Tianxin too well. Based on her personality, she was most unwilling to implicate others. The kinder someone treated her, the more she would be like that. She was afraid that she would really choose to spend the rest of her life alone...

It was not easy that they were out with the little bun. Ning Xi tried hard to lift her own spirits. "Baby, where do you want to play today?"

"Mommy, can we go to the theme park?"

"Of course, we can!"

The little bun was still very similar to the other normal children in this aspect. Whenever she was free, he would let her bring him to places that other children liked to play at, and there was even once that he let her bring him to KFC. The reason was that he saw other children he liked going there very often too.

The little bun was gradually blending into the crowd, becoming the same as other normal children. Naturally, Ning Xi was the happiest about this.

The family of three went around to have fun for an entire day, then they went home together feeling incredibly contented and happy.

"Mommy, can we go up the roof to look at the stars?" After they reached home, the little bun suddenly looked up, his eyes exceptionally bright as he asked.