Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1666

Chapter 1666: All Good Things Must Come To An End

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Chapter 1666: All Good Things Must Come To An End
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Little Treasure obediently walked up, then he looked up and said crisply, "Aunt, this is a present that I've prepared for you!"

The little guy very caringly presented a parting gift. It was a portrait he had done of Ning Tianxin based on the picture his mother had sent him and even came complete with a frame for her to hang up.

Apart from drawing his mother, this little guy seldom drew portraits. One could see that he had a positive impression of this aunt and really liked her.

Ning Tianxin fondled it admiringly, her expression incredibly gentle as she looked at the little guy before her. She squatted down to hug him lightly. "Thank you, thank you, Little Treasure! I really like it!"

The little guy's body was soft, and there was even a whiff of milk fragrance on him, making one's eyes well up for some reason.

Ning Tianxin quickly let go of him. "Xiao Xi, I'm leaving now. You guys should go back!"

"Mmm, take care!"


After they sent Ning Tianxin off, Ning Xi's mood was a little somber.

When the little bun saw his mother in such a low mood, he immediately started to comfort her very seriously, "Mommy, don't be sad. All good things must come to an end. In fact, Little Treasure believes that Aunty will have a new and even better start!"

Ning Xi looked at her dearest son and instantly laughed between tears. "Mmm, Little Treasure, you're right!"

Qin Mufeng had said that he was going to America for work, so he could coincidentally be with Ning Tianxin and look after her on the journey too.

This dude had long admitted his intentions towards Ning Tianxin to Ning Xi, so Ning Xi knew that he had ulterior motives. Whether or not this two would turn into a pair in the end was still a mystery.

If they did, Qin Mufeng was actually a rather reliable partner.

Far away, the plane was buzzed and rose into the sky, gradually flying further and further until it vanished from sight...

Ning Xi finally retrieved her reluctant gaze, then she sent a message in her moments [1]. "All good things must come to an end, my dearest sweetheart. I believe you'll have a brand new and even better start!"


At a certain high-end villa district in Imperial.

A lively wedding was going on. A group of people were messing and joking around, and the atmosphere was exceptionally enthusiastic.

"Not allowed to enter, not allowed! Where's your red packet?"

"Hand over the red packet!"

"No, no! That's not enough! Do a hundred push-ups first!"

"Whoa, are you guys trying to act dumb!? How do you get ten people to do ten each!?"


Mo Lingtian followed the groom and had blended into the crowd. From time to time, he followed and came up with some rotten ideas. After being tortured for half a day, he finally helped his buddy to enter the bride's room smoothly.

Zhuo Haoran was one of the loiterers in their circle. Usually, he would be all over town, enjoying cockfights and dog racing. Now, when he saw his wife, he would smile like a fool. At that moment, he was clumsily helping the girl put on her shoes...

Mo Lingtian leaned on the wall to stand, quietly watching this scene before him. It was clearly so lively right now, yet for some reason, his heart felt empty.

His phone rang from time to time. He casually opened up the moments folder and scrolled through it. All of it was friends from the circle who wished Zhao Haoran well for his wedding, and he clicked a few likes in passing.

As he continued to scroll down, Mo Lingtian's expression suddenly turned stiff.

Female Monster posted: "All good things must come to an end, my dearest sweetheart. Hope you will have new beginnings!"

"Female Monster" was the nickname he gave Ning Xi.

Sweetheart [2]...?

When he read this word and combined the meaning of the sentence, Mo Lingtian's expression suddenly stiffened as he quickly clicked on the below picture.

There was a picture attached and in the picture was a delicate frame. In the middle of the frame was a brightly colored hyperbole-styled portrait, but based on the features, one could instantly recognize that that was Ning Tianxin...