Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1663

    Chapter 1663: Taking My Spotlight?

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    Tang Ye and Yun Shen looked at each other silently.

    Soon, Qiao Yi arrived after he found out what happened.

    "What happened?"

    Tang Ye summarized the incident to Qiao Yi.

    Qiao Yi then threw sharp gazes at Hei Long who was still on the bed.

    Hei Long endured his injury and quickly spoke, "Boss, Uncle Qiao, rest assured. I only told them some useless information. They tried everything to know about our underground deals. Luckily, I was rescued tonight... If not... I might... really not have made through it"

    It was not unusual for them to be this nervous when Hei Long had been captured by Lu Tingxiao. The situation had been really jumpy lately. A wrong move at this point might be fatal. If their underground deals were exposed, they would have to half all their trades, and the loss of revenue would be severely destructive. If they did not stop, they would get caught red-handed

    As Hei Long was speaking, Feng Xiaoxiao stormed into the room as she rolled up her sleeves. "Damn it! Who is it!? Taking away my spotlight? Hei Long! Who got you out?"

    Even she as the top mercenary had not been able to rescue him, and now he was alive and well! What a humiliation!

    "Sis Xiao, I was unconscious, so I don't know as well" Hei Long put on a bitter smile, not forgetting to put out someone's rage. "It might be a traitor from the Lu Corporation"

    Qiao Yi looked at Feng Xiaoxiao with a darkened expression. "Xiaoxiao, from now on, you don't have to bother with any other mission. Finish your S-ranked mission within a month!"

    Feng Xiaoxiao's back tensed up and she almost cried, "Yes, Master!"

    Damn it! Clearing that mission within a month was like asking her to die!

    The next morning, at the Lu residence.

    "What did you say?" Lu Chongshan stood up angrily as he listened to the reports from his subordinates.

    Yan Ruyi looked anxious as well. "Did you say Song Lin sold all her shares... to that person?"

    "Yes, I've already confirmed it."

    "Does Tingxiao know about it already?" Lu Chongshan asked in a deep voice.

    "CEO Lu already knows about it.'

    "Okay, you can leave now!" Lu Chongshan waved his hands impatiently.

    After the subordinate left, Lu Chongshan could not suppress his anger anymore. "This Song Lin... We, the Lu Corporation, have not been mistreating her over the years, yet she betrayed us at this critical moment without batting an eye. Artistes are heartless! That's for sure!"

    Yan Ruyi frowned. "I thought Song Lin was a pretty nice person... I didn't expect"

    "Where's Little Treasure? Is he up yet? We can't just keep waiting anymore!" Lu Chongshan said in a rush.

    He had been really pleased when Little Treasure tried to accept other girls and was really cooperative by staying over and choosing the girls for his father seriously.

    However, as time passed by, he realized that the little guy was serious. In fact, he was a little too serious and he took such a long time just shortlisting. Until now, the party had not happened yet.

    Things were getting worse with time. He simply could not wait anymore!

    "Grandfather, Grandmother!" At this moment, a cute little bun walked down the stairs.