Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1661

    Chapter 1661: Quite Cute

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    Chapter 1661: Quite Cute
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    In a private room of a certain bar in Imperial.

    The woman took out a contract from her bag, then she casually lay it on the table. She lit a cigarette and lazily took a drag.

    Tang Ye's eyes stayed on the contract for a second before he reached out to take it.

    He flipped it over slightly. He was then surprised to see the share transfer agreement already signed with a woman's name, Song Lin.

    Yun Shen leaned on the sofa and held a glass of red wine in his hand. He looked at the signed agreement from the corner of his eyes and asked, "What? Miss Song, have you changed your mind?"

    Song Lin unhurriedly exhaled the smoke. "CEO Yun offered me. I have no reason to reject it. Isn't that so?"

    Yun Shen smiled faintly as he looked at this woman opposite him. Obviously, he did not believe that she would sell her shares to him because of this. If she had really been tempted by the offer, she would not have dragged it on for so long.

    "Who would have thought... that you'd also be interested in the position of being Madam Lu?" Yun Shen's words were pretty explicit.

    In other words, Song Lin was prepared to use this five percent of shares to seize Lu Tingxiao, but she had failed.

    Song Lin raised her brows ever so slightly as she said indistinctly, "There is something I'm indeed interested in, but it's not Lu Tingxiao."


    Some unknown thought flashed through Song Lin's mind and a passionate fire lit her eyes up. "I wonder if you know that girl by Lu Tingxiao's side, CEO Yun?"

    Yun Shen's hand that was pensively swirling his wine glass had reflexively paused, "Ning Xi? I've heard of her. Why?"

    Song Lin's head tilted to the side and she laughed lightly. "She's quite cute."

    The corner of Yun Shen's mouth twitched as he was speechless.

    Even Tang Ye's expression darkened.

    Clearly, the two of them had not expected to hear such an answer.

    When Song Lin saw this, she raised her brows. "CEO Yun, you aren't like those vulgar commoners, are you?"

    Yun Shen's expression darkened slightly. He was not interested in Song Lin's sexual orientation. Besides, he did not find this strange either.

    He really did not expect that Song Lin's final reason to take on a united front with him to be this outrageous.

    It was a possibility that Song Lin had tried to use this five percent of shares to exchange Ning Xi with Lu Tingxiao, but he had rejected, so she had come looking for him.

    On one hand, it could have been because of Lu Tingxiao's rejection. On the other hand, it was also likely because she had yet to have given up...

    The Lu family had already had thoughts of connecting families by marriages. The more pressure the Lu Corporation was under, the quicker this matter would be urged and prompted. When that happened, Lu Tingxiao would need to marry another woman, and the two of them would naturally break up...

    A few moments of contemplation later, Yun Shen hurled out his hand. "Well then, Miss Song, happy collaborating!"

    The enemy's enemy is a friend.

    There was one more saying. The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind [1].

    "Happy collaborating!"

    Yun Shen was about to continue explaining some details related to the contract when his phone suddenly rang.


    "Boss, Hei Long has been rescued!"

    "Rescued?" Yun Shen was surprised at the news he heard. "Got it. I'll be back right away."

    After he finished his call, Yun Shen looked apologetically to the woman before him. "Apologies, I have some emergency to deal with. I'll discuss in detail with you on another day, Miss Song."

    "Feel free to, CEO Yun!"


    In the suburbs of Beijing.

    Yun Shen and Tang Ye had rushed back.

    "What happened? Who made the move?" Yun Shen asked in a lowered voice.

    Previously, even Feng Xiaoxiao could not get him out, so how had he been rescued?

    Initially, he had already prepared to plan for the worst because based on his understanding of Lu Tingxiao, he would definitely not let them have any chances of getting the person out!