Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1659

    Chapter 1659: Could Not Be Stolen Away By Anyone

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    Chapter 1659: Could Not Be Stolen Away By Anyone
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    "Oh, oh... I asked Sis Tianxin out for a meal!"

    Lu Tingxiao reached out to caress the girl's hair. "I'll wait for you to come home."


    After they finished, both parties started to walk towards their respective directions.

    Ning Xi had gone halfway when she could not help but turn around to watch the silhouette of their backs.

    Even though Song Lin was slightly older than Lu Tingxiao, she had maintained herself so amazingly well. No one would be suspicious even if she said that she was in her twenties, yet the aura on her was definitely not something any ordinary girl could compare to. At this moment, as she stood with Lu Tingxiao, they seemed like two royals standing side by side.

    That was the exact state she had been striving for... She hoped to stand shoulder to shoulder with Lu Tingxiao...

    Ning Xi was watching them when she vaguely thought she heard their conversation.

    "CEO Lu, I was serious about everything I said tonight. I hope you can consider it through."

    "There's no need to."


    After they entered the private room, Ning Xi was quite absent-minded.

    Ning Tianxin obviously had taken in the whole scene from earlier. She worriedly said, "Xiao Xi, are you okay? Didn't Mr. Lu already tell you earlier? They're just discussing company matters. Don't think too much..."

    Ning Xi hit her head on the table in sorrow. "Oh, how could this be!?"

    When Ning Tianxin saw her being emotional, she wanted to continue consoling her, yet Ning Xi continued, "My goddess is very suitable with the Big Boss, am I right?!"

    Ning Tianxin could only respond with a stammer.

    This reaction was clearly not within her expectations at all...

    Ning Xi sighed, then she suddenly really felt like rolling on the ground. "It kind of feels like my idol is being snatched away!"

    At this moment, Ning Tianxin did not know what to say anymore. This girl was not worried about Lu Tingxiao being stolen but instead, she was worried about... Song Lin being snapped up?

    Maybe, in this girl's sub-conscience, she was confident that Lu Tingxiao could not be stolen away by anyone...

    Initially, Ning Tianxin had been very worried about Ning Xi dating Lu Tingxiao, yet as time went on, she knew that Lu Tingxiao was truly serious about Ning Xi, and what moved her the most was the trust between them.


    At Platinum Palace.

    Lu Tingxiao had just reached home when Lu Jingli followed suit and fled from his brother's sight.

    On the sofa in the living room, his brother's expression darkened as he pinched between his brows.

    Lu Jingli silently indicated his heartfelt sympathy. The forces that wanted to snatch his brother's wife had already evolved to such a stage, and it was really becoming more and more ferocious...

    Lu Jingli walked over and sighed, "Bro, this is all my fault. It's my fault that I didn't check the ins and outs of Song Lin properly, but this woman really hid it so well! Who would have thought that she liked both men and women!?"

    When he said this, Lu Jingli carefully shot his brother a sidelong look, then he murmured, "One must know... Song Lin's position in Xiao Xi Xi's heart is extraordinary. If this woman failed to get a jump start on your end, she'll directly approach Xiao Xi Xi. I'm really afraid that Xiao Xi Xi won't be able to control herself..."

    The instant he made contact with his brother's deadly gaze, Lu Jingli shrunk back, but he still braced himself and said, "Bro, trust me. In any case, I've been in the entertainment industry for pretty long, so I'm quite sure that the meaning of an idol to a fan is beyond your imagination. At key moments, in front of idols, even husbands would need to take a back seat..."

    In short, his brother's romantic rival this time was really extremely awesome...