Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1658

    Chapter 1658: Forgoing His Glory

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    Chapter 1658: Forgoing His Glory
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    The person Song Lin liked was not his brother, but it was... Xiao Xi Xi?!

    The progression of this subject was like an unguarded wild dog! It was totally unexpected!

    Lu Jingli was stunned outside the room. He felt like he had just been struck by lightning, and he could almost smell his skin burning.

    Just how amazing was Xiao Xi Xi!?

    He could just kneel before her right now...

    He felt really sad for his brother

    There was a 10-second silence in the room.

    "She's not an item." The man's expression turned cold. The temperature in the room plummeted drastically as a result of him suppressing himself for Ning Xi's sake.

    "CEO Lu, you understand what I mean." Song Lin looked at him meaningfully. "I totally understand why you'd choose Xiao Xi. She's really cute and charming, and what you desire is just her outward appearance. If that's the case, there's someone more suitable right now!"

    Song Lin was obviously talking about Su Yimo.

    "As for Xiao Xi, she was born to fulfill her dreams. She was born for her fans. She wasn't born to be someone's pet or exclusive property."

    "She's not a pet. Neither is she an exclusive property. She's the person I'm spending the rest of my life with."

    Song Lin did not expect that reply and was caught off guard. She frowned a little. "I believe that you understand you're not suitable for her, and you can't give her what she wants. As for me, I could bring her to new heights that she longs for"

    Suddenly, there was a resounding thud. In his stunned stupor, Lu Jingli had accidentally fallen inside the room.

    Song Lin and Lu Tingxiao looked at the door, both of them with an indescribable expression on their faces.

    Lu Jingli crawled back up, then he scratched his head awkwardly. "Uhh... Haha... I... I was just passing by... and accidentally fell... Please continue... Continue"

    He then ran away.

    After five seconds, Lu Jingli ran back in and poked his head inside the room. "Actually, Beauty Song, you're mistaken about one thing... Xiao Xi Xi's dream is to be at the top of the entertainment industry alright... But the reason she's so desperate to be on the top... It's all... for the sake of marrying my brother!"

    Lu Jingli then slammed the door and fled, forgoing his glory!

    Song Lin was speechless.

    Ning Tianxin was about to leave the country soon, so Ning Xi took her out for dinner since she was free.

    "Sis Tianxin, Wang Jiang Tower's dishes are really delicious. You can never find this taste overseas, so you have to eat more tonight!" Ning Xi tugged Ning Tianxin's arm.

    The both of them were walking inside and unexpectedly bumped into another pair.

    Lu Tingxiao

    And her goddess

    Ning Xi was a little confused when she saw the two of them walking out of the room.

    Could it be that... her goddess' meeting tonight was with Lu Tingxiao?

    Lu Tingxiao's appointment was with Sis Lin?

    Ning Xi blinked her eyes. She came back to her senses after a while, then she quickly greeted, "Boss, Sis Lin, you guys are here for dinner too!"

    While Ning Xi's tone sounded normal, her expression was skeptical when she looked at them.

    Lu Tingxiao frowned as he knew that Ning Xi had misunderstood something judging by her reaction, but it was not an appropriate time to explain. "Mmm, some business matters."