Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1657

    Chapter 1657: What I Want Is...

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    Chapter 1657: What I Want Is...
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    Lu Jingli was touching his chin after he heard the hostess's reply, "What? My brother is with Song Lin?"

    What was he doing with Song Lin?

    The Lu Corporation had gotten into some trouble recently. Every big stakeholder was targeted, and Song Lin held 5% of the Lu Corporation's shares

    Could it be related to this?

    "Thanks, I've got it!" Lu Jingli was pacing around mindlessly. Without realizing, he was already standing in front of the room.

    With his sharp senses, he felt that their meeting was not that simple

    At the moment, inside the room.

    "Thank you for your help last time, Ms. Song." Lu Tingxiao gave a toast to her.

    Song Lin took a sip and smiled. "You're welcome, CEO Lu. Of course, I'd help Xiao Xi."

    Lu Tingxiao's expression froze when he heard her reply.

    Song Lin then continued, "Xiao Xi and I hit it off pretty well. I like her! Girls like her are very rare in the industry. Someone who's truly passionate about acting with such an incredible look... Plus, she was willing to put in more effort and was also able to stay true to herself. Even... With someone like you behind her back, she never used you, CEO Lu. How... cute"

    Song Lin spoke a lot, but Lu Tingxiao only listened quietly and did not interrupt.

    Suddenly, the conversation took a sharp turn. "I wonder if you know that someone offered me a high price to buy my share of 5% that I have in the Lu Corporation"

    Lu Tingxiao nodded. "A little birdy told me."

    Compared to those who were in favor of the current CEO, neutral parties like Song Lin were valuable targets, so it was expected.

    This was the other reason he wanted to see Song Lin today.

    Outside the room, Lu Jingli tensed up as he heard their conversation.

    Damn it, it was really about the shares

    He had a feeling that something bad was about to happen.

    "I'm really hesitating. Should I sell it or not?" Song Lin was swirling the liquid in her wine glass. Despite her casual tone, it was an obvious hint.

    "Name your condition," Lu Tingxiao suggested straightforwardly.

    Since she had looked for him, it meant that there was still room for negotiation and that she had something she needed from him.

    Lu Jingli chewed on his finger nervously outside the door. What the heck!? He could totally foresee what was going to happen next!

    There were too many women who were trying to get into the Lu family after all.

    Was Song Lin trying to force his brother?

    "Actually... I'm not interested in money. Acting's just a pastime for me now... but... recently, I found something... that I... really want" Song Lin looked at the man passionately. "What I want is"

    Lu Jingli was having a nerve-wracking moment outside the room!

    Damn it! As expected! He had gotten it all right!

    Song Lin was aiming for his brother!

    Song Lin was going to say "I want you" next!

    "What I want is... Ning Xi."

    Both Lu Tingxiao and the little prophet Lu Jingli were speechless.


    What did just Song Lin say?

    There had to be something wrong with Lu Jingli's eavesdropping!