Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1654

    Chapter 1654: Extremely Beautiful Face

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    Chapter 1654: Extremely Beautiful Face
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    There was a trace of gloom on the tall reporter's face. "What about that? It's only one of the videos with her alibi proven..."

    "Are you retarded? As long as it's proven that the person in any one of the videos isn't Ning Xi, that could entirely prove that this woman is trying to frame Ning Xi!"

    "Actually, I was already suspecting it from before. If Ning Xi were really a manipulative, vile person as you people say, then how could she be so careless when she did all these things? Every one of the videos was recorded by someone and so clearly too, especially the face! Isn't this nonsensical?"

    "Unless she planned to record it herself!"

    "This is super sinister to scheme for such a long time and even put the blame on the victim! Hey, which media house do you belong to? Are you Su Yimo's shill?!"


    All the reporters talked at once and went against the tall reporter. Suddenly, he was tongue-tied.

    When the tall reporter saw that the situation was set in stone, he quietly left the multi-purpose hall while the reporters were fervently questioning Song Lin.

    This person thought that he was subtle enough, yet he did not know that he was already being watched closely. He had just stepped out when two tall and strong bodyguards stopped him and bundled him into a car...


    After the press conference ended, the issue was considered to have come to an end.

    Su Yimo looked absent-minded. Her expression was full of defeat. She would never have thought that there would be a slip-up like that in the end.

    Liang Feixing peered at the woman with a blank expression beside him, and there was a taunting sneer on his face. This woman had released so many videos at once in her hunger for revenge. She thought that the more evidence she released, the harder it would be for Ning Xi to make a comeback, yet she forgot that the more information there were, the more flaws would be revealed...

    "I... I want to see Mr. Lu! I have something to say to Mr. Lu!" Su Yimo suddenly grabbed onto Liang Feixing's arm and said emotionally.

    Liang Feixing tore her arm away with repulsion as he said coldly, "Do you think you can just meet CEO Lu whenever you wanted to?"

    Please, the Boss was a protective devil! He would not dare to send this woman who had used the Lady Boss's face to sleep with men all over to meet his Boss to invite a scolding. Was that not suicide?

    Su Yimo said pressingly, "I've been accused! Someone forced me! Someone forced me to do that! I didn't have thoughts of harming Ning Xi! I wouldn't dare touch Mr. Lu's woman!"

    "Someone forced you? Who is it?" Liang Feixing immediately asked in a lowered voice when he heard her claims.

    "I... I want to see Mr. Lu... I can only tell Mr. Lu about this!" Su Yimo pleaded with a determined attitude.

    Liang Feixing pinched between his brows and took a look at her. He walked to the side and called Lu Tingxiao.

    Moments later, Liang Feixing finished his call and said impatiently, "Let's go!"

    "Did CEO Lu agree to see me?" Su Yimo was instantly overjoyed. She quickly followed Liang Feixing into the car.

    After she got in, Su Yimo had frantically took her makeup out from her bag and started to carefully touch up. Her makeup for the day was an imitation of Ning Xi's simple makeup that had once splendidly outshone all the beauties at the Golden Film Awards ceremony.

    Ever since then, Ning Xi had been dubbed the "Queen of Red Carpets".

    Su Yimo faced herself in the mirror. Slowly, she revealed the smile that she had practiced a thousand times. This face had been blessed by the heavens and was perfect to the point of flawlessness.

    However, now, it was hers! Even if came to Ning Xi herself, she could not compare to her!

    Liang Feixing drove as he sneaked peeks at the woman behind from the rearview mirror. When he saw Su Yimo smile with Ning Xi's face, even though that face was extremely beautiful, chills were sent down his spine.