Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1653

    Chapter 1653: Turning Around To Charge The Victim

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    Chapter 1653: Turning Around To Charge The Victim
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    When they saw the woman stare at Ning Xi and not say anything for a long time, the reporters started to buzz with discussion and urge her again.

    At this moment, the woman looked at the crowd and she finally said, "I'm Su Yimo."

    She knew that since they had found her and had even retrieved those reports and images, it was useless even if she denied it.

    Although the reporters were already very clear about this, all of them still looked startled when they heard her personally admit it.

    "Really... It really is Su Yimo!"

    "Is she crazy?"

    "Back then, even if it wasn't Ning Xi who replaced her, it would still have been someone else, wouldn't it? She did not spare getting plastic surgery to this extent and wanted to set Ning Xi up. How perverse!"

    "She had even had sex with so many men just to tarnish Ning Xi's name! Oh my God! I'm so shocked that my view of the world has been shattered!"


    Just as the reporters confirmed the whole story of this incident, a tall male reporter in the crowd suddenly raised a suspicion. "Even if she's Su Yimo, it doesn't really prove anything, does it? It's her choice to get plastic surgery and look however she wants to! That doesn't mean that the woman in the video is definitely her. If you guys really want to put it that way, can I also say that Su Yimo was dragged out by you, Glory World Entertainment, to help Ning Xi take the fault?"

    Once the reporter said this, all the other reporters exchanged questioning looks.

    This was a possibility that could not be ruled out entirely...

    "It wouldn't really be Glory World finding someone to take the fault, would it?"

    "Maybe. The two of them really look so similar just from their appearance alone. It's really hard to distinguish the genuine from the fake!"

    When he saw the crowd started to raise doubts too, the tall one smiled delightedly. He intentionally asked, "Miss Su, are you being threatened by Glory World Entertainment?"

    Su Yimo thought of something and her shoulders subtly cowered. She did not say anything and fear was obvious on her face. This reaction was no doubt to further convince every one of the reporter's words.

    Liang Feixing's expression did not change at all. He coldly looked to the reporter, then two pictures appeared on the screen behind them.

    One of the pictures was taken from the last scene of the sex tape between "Ning Xi" and the investor of "Mother" that was leaked on the Internet.

    In the video, there was a handphone at the bedside. When the man moved, he accidentally tapped on the phone and it lit up. The phone screen displayed the actual date and time of the moment.

    Because the video was very clear, the date and time on the phone could be seen very distinctly too.

    The second picture was taken from a security footage. In the picture was Ning Xi standing at the door. A woman had pulled open her door and was about to invite her in.

    This woman was unexpectedly Song Lin.

    The point was that this security footage timestamp had, as it turned out, overlapped with the time in the last picture.

    What did this mean?

    As long as one was not blind, they would understand.

    Unless Ning Xi knew how to clone herself, how could she appear on the investor's bed and Song Lin's doorstep at the same time?

    "During this time, I had invited Ning Xi to my house to be a guest. I wonder who the one in the video is then?"

    The sound of footsteps was heard at the door. No one could be sure when Song Lin had arrived. She started to walk step by step towards the stage with her staff accompanying her.

    "Ah! It's Song Lin!"

    "It's Teacher Song!"


    Song Lin's status in the entertainment industry was self-evident. No one would doubt her words., Besides, the evidence was undeniable. Even Song Lin had personally come out to prove it too.

    "I told you that the person in those videos definitely won't be Bro Xi! Now, the whole truth is brought to light! Bro Xi has an alibi! There's no way Teacher Song would lie!"