Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1652

    Chapter 1652: Just Using That Face

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    Chapter 1652: Just Using That Face
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    When they had a clear look at the slide on the screen, there was pin-drop silence in the crowded multi-purpose hall.

    A few seconds later, the reporters recovered from the shock and the crowd was in an uproar. They stared at the bogus Ning Xi. Cries and shrieks started to be heard non-stop.

    "Oh... Oh my God! This is really deceiving my eyes! That... That woman in the pre-surgery picture... Isn't that Su Yimo?"

    "There's a name on the hospital medical record. It's written there in black and white. It's Su Yimo!"

    "Wait... Wait, wait! Let me get this straight! What the f*ck?! This... This fake Ning Xi is actually Su Yimo after plastic surgery? This is a modern-day magic drama!"


    Back then, Su Yimo had borrowed the title of Madam Lu to tyrannize the entertainment industry. She had dominated the limelight and no one could compare to her until the real CEO Lu had appeared and exposed her on the spot. In fact, he had publicly announced that he long had a girlfriend whom he was in a stable relationship with. After that, Su Yimo had vanished without a trace.

    Everyone thought that Su Yimo had angered Lu Tingxiao and had been banned from appearing in public, so the media kept quiet out of fear and did not dare to report anything about Su Yimo.

    Who would have thought that when they saw Su Yimo again, it would be under such shocking circumstances that could make one's eyeballs fall off!?

    Su Yimo, who had disappeared for a long time, had taken on a new lease of life and undergone plastic surgery to look exactly like Ning Xi. It was as if she had been carved from the same mold. Incredibly scary!

    "Excuse me, Miss. Are you really Su Yimo?"

    "Is the woman in all those videos you?"

    "Why did you get plastic surgery to look like Ning Xi and frame her?"

    "Is it because back then Ning Xi had replaced your position, so you wanted to use this way to get revenge on her?"


    Without Liang Feixing needing to say much, the reporters had already figured out the development of the entire situation. Besides, their deduction was completely logical.

    The only thing they did not know was that Ning Xi was Lu Tingxiao's real girlfriend that he had defended back then, and it was the secret reason Su Yimo had done plastic surgery to look like Ning Xi.

    "Miss Su, please say something!"

    Facing the reporters' barrage of questions and relentless pursuing, the woman in the red dress was completely pale. Her body started to tremble vigorously as if she had been ripped off of all her clothes and was being exposed before everyone.

    Liang Feixing frowned. He glared at the girl and gave her an urgent warning hint.

    The woman then looked up in apprehension. That delicate and beautiful face of hers was completely revealed to everyone, causing a wave of alarmed cries again.

    The scene then suddenly quieted down as if there was a unanimous agreement. They stared straight at the woman, afraid to miss anything she said. It was worth it for them to go all the way there to this remote place for a press conference. The stunning news that day was enough to cause a stir in the entire entertainment industry.

    On the side, Ning Xi had scanned the woman too. Out of her trust in Lu Tingxiao, she had not asked much throughout the investigation. She too had only found out that this woman was Su Yimo through the projected slide. At that moment, she stared at that odd face that was exactly the same as hers as an indescribable feeling welled up in her. Clearly, she was also very surprised that Su Yimo would actually go to this extent...

    Facing the numerous eyes before her, the girl reflexively looked over towards Ning Xi.

    The girl's skin was coarse and her outfit uncouth. There was no hint of her former bedazzling self.

    This slut... She's just been using that face of hers! Apart from this face, what else does she have? While being known for just a few awards, she's wrecked my only capital. It's so absurd that it's such a joke!