Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1651

    Chapter 1651: The Real One Appeared

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    Chapter 1651: The Real One Appeared
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    The reporters had obviously noticed the situation too. Immediately, all of them thought in their hearts that Glory World Entertainment was clearly ready to give up on Ning Xi!

    "Ning Xi, do you think that you're worthy of the many fans who have supported and believed in you?"

    "You want to lead the life of a whore but still want a monument put up to your chastity. That's too much!"

    "Are you here to apologize to everyone today?"


    Just as the reporters were obstructing the hotel entrance and interrogating one after another, there was suddenly a voice from behind.

    "Excuse me, could everyone please make way?"

    The one who spoke was Ning Xi's assistant, Hu Tao.

    When they heard the familiar voice, the reporters reflexively turned to look. Everyone was dumbstruck.

    There were three people behind them.

    Xiao Tao, Ling Zhizhi, and the woman in the middle was...

    Was that... Ning Xi?!

    Due to the filming, all of the crew had completely returned to the rustic countryside lifestyle. Even after they had finished work, they still wore the rough hemp garments of the countryside. Furthermore, the shoot had overrun slightly today and they were short on time, so Ning Xi was wearing what she usually wore after work. There was a casual pigtail on her head and her skin had a medium tan because of the long-term exposure to the sunlight. A closer look would reveal that the skin on her hands had become coarse too. They were full of tiny scars from harvesting wheat and doing farm work...

    What stood out were the girl's pair of eyes that were exceptionally bright and lively. With such a tranquil and calm air around her, her presence was the first thing that people noticed instead of her appearance and manner of dressing.

    The girl's eyes skimmed the reporters present. Her tone was calm and polite as she announced, "I'm sorry for making everyone wait for so long. Today's work ended a little late."

    "Bro... Bro Xi!" One of the female reporters who had been pushed to the back had excitedly cried out, "Are you guys blind? That's my Bro Xi!"

    Ning Xi had a vague impression of the female reporter who spoke up. She was one of Ning Xi's fans and had always fought to defend Ning Xi on the frontline. Indeed, she had also gone over this time.

    Ning Xi looked at the girl with a grateful smile. The reporter was instantly even more emotional. For some reason, she felt that even if her goddess was currently garbed in rough hemp and had coarse skin, she looked extremely beautiful!

    A person's looks could be faked, but their aura was not something that could be imitated overnight. Once Ning Xi appeared, even if she currently looked very different from her usual appearance and celebrity image, everyone present knew in an instant and concluded that the woman before them was the real Ning Xi!

    So, that woman who had alighted from the car earlier... was actually fake?

    The reporters swiveled to the woman they had surrounded earlier. Shortly, all of their jaws were about to fall off from shock.

    There was really someone who did look so similar to Ning Xi. From her facial features and silhouette to even the position of the mole on the earlobe, she was exactly the same and could definitely pass as the woman herself.

    That was if the real one had not appeared.

    This time, before the reporters could return to their senses and surround Ning Xi, the bodyguards and Liang Feixing had already personally shielded Ning Xi to walk into the hotel.

    The phony was escorted by another bodyguard and they walked in too.

    This hotel's conditions were unlike those in Imperial. The multi-purpose hall was crowded to the brim. Even the corridors were filled with people standing, but no one had any complaints. Everyone's complete attention was locked on the stage.

    Everyone looked at the real Ning Xi, then at the fake Ning Xi. It was too much for their eyes to take in.

    Glory World Entertainment's efficiency had always been top-notch. They did not beat around the bush. Plus, the Big Boss had specially ordered his men to resolve this as soon as possible, so the Lady Boss could go back and rest. Liang Feixing gave a simple opening address, then he let the staff switch the projector behind him on.

    The screen lit up with a whir. From the top of the screen floated down the report of an internationally acclaimed plastic surgery hospital. A stream of professional plastic surgery terms scrolled past, then the bottom of the screen revealed the graphic comparison of two faces.

    One was before plastic surgery while the other was after.

    The face after plastic surgery looked like Ning Xi's, while the one before surgery... was unexpectedly one of Glory World Entertainment's previous A-listers, Su Yimo!