Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1647

    Chapter 1647: You Don't Even Love Me Anymore!

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    Chapter 1647: You Don't Even Love Me Anymore!
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    "It's already reached deep into Lu Tingxiao's mouth. Are you still counting on digging it out?" Yun Shen drawled unhurriedly, plain mockery written on his face.

    Qiao Yi's brows furrowed. "Well, I can't just let Hei Long fall into Lu Tingxiao's hands either. He knows too much about us!"

    The man indifferently raised his brows. "And what about it?"

    Qiao Yi warned in a low tone, "Ah Shen, don't underestimate the enemy. Lu Tingxiao isn't that easy to deal with!"

    The man's mouth curved upward cynically. There was a sliver of mad interest in his eyes. "Huh! If he were easy to deal with, where would be the fun in that?"

    Qiao Yi suddenly turned strict. "Ah Shen! By all means, be as playful as you wish for all else, but this isn't for you to have fun with! Don't forget how your mother died, how the Yun family was destroyed!"

    "What does the Yun family's destruction have to do with me?" The man's voice suddenly turned cold.

    Qiao Yi was startled. "Fine, let's not talk about the Yun family. Let's only talk about your mother. Ah Shen, don't let your mother die without justice!"

    "Uncle Qiao, you don't need to trouble yourself and remind me. I have the image of her dying etched into my mind every night. Are you satisfied with this answer of mine?"

    "Ah Shen, I know you're in pain, but you must remember... All of this was brought onto you by the Lus!"


    In the wee hours of the morning, at about 5 a.m.

    The village was extremely quiet. All the filming crew members were still fast asleep apart from Ling Zhizhi and Xiao Tao, who were so shocked that they had not slept the entire night.


    With the lightest squeak of the bed, Lu Tingxiao turned over to get up and put on his clothes.

    He was just about to get off the bed when a pair of delicate arms had very clingily circled his waist. "Mmm... Where are you going?"

    Lu Tingxiao turned over to kiss the girl's lips as consolation. "I have to go."

    Ning Xi was barely awake. She just subconsciously shook her head like a rattle-drum. "Don't... I don't want you to go..."

    "Be good."

    "Mmm, then let me get up and send you off..."

    "No need. Sleep a while longer. Your filming duties today are very important. Don't delay, alright?" Lu Tingxiao said softly.

    Still, it was as if the girl had heard something heartless. She instantly felt upset as she grumbled, "You only know how to let me earn dowry. You don't even love me anymore!"

    Lu Tingxiao gazed weakly at her, but the hint of love and indulgence between his brows could almost melt anyone. "I'll lay with you for a little while longer, hmm?"

    "Mmm..." Now, the girl was satisfied and had fallen back asleep in a daze.

    He laid with her for a little while longer. Only after lots of coaxing and kisses did Lu Tingxiao finally manage to leave.

    If he had been any later when everyone else had woken up, he would not have been able to leave.

    Lu Tingxiao gently shut the door. He had just walked to the entrance when he unexpectedly bumped into someone.

    Song Lin...

    When the other person saw him walk out of Ning Xi's house, there was no sign of expected shock. Instead, she just raised her brows ever so slightly. "CEO Lu, what a coincidence."

    Before Lu Tingxiao could say anything, Song Lin smiled and added, "Don't worry, I'll keep it a secret."

    "Thank you, Xiao Xi is indebted to your care." Since this person before him was an idol that his wife had always worshipped, Lu Tingxiao was very courteous.

    "CEO Lu, you're too gracious. I've always quite liked this girl. However, I didn't think that that girl we saw at your office the other day would have turned out to be... really Xiao Xi..." Song Lin meaningfully muttered, then she glanced at Lu Tingxiao and asked, "CEO Lu, I have some things to discuss with you. I wonder when you'll be free?"

    "When I find the time, I'll get my assistant to inform you, Miss Song."

    Song Lin beamed slightly. "Okay, then I will patiently wait for your update."