Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1646

    Chapter 1646: Aim Achieved

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    Chapter 1646: Aim Achieved
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    There were still a few more pictures, all of them depicting Ning Xi's life in America. Even though they were all group pictures, there were no ambiguous gestures between her and that person. However, the familiarity and chemistry between the two of them in those images were unveiled without a doubt, despite just being pictures.

    As for that last picture... the date stamp on it was the day of Ning Xi's second audition.

    In the picture, Ning Xi was reclining on the bed sound asleep while the white-haired man quietly lay by the bedside, his fingers holding onto the girl's clothes hem, fast asleep as well...


    Just yesterday, he had received this anonymous email. The sender had used a fake IP, so there was no way to find out who it was.

    Even though none of these pictures had any explicit imagery, every one of them was enough to make him jealous to the point of losing control.

    Yes, jealous.

    Although he did not want to admit these feelings.

    However, the somber feelings that he had been deliberately neglecting and suppressing in the deepest nooks of his heart right from the start were beginning to scream as they surged out violently like banshees.

    Every one of Ning Xi's words back then had wrecked havoc in his blood, shredding apart every one of his nerves.

    "Lu Tingxiao, I've already told you from the start - there is already someone that I like, very, very, much!

    "Even though there are reasons that I can't be with him, he will live in my heart forever, filling it to the brim so much so that no one else can replace him. There just isn't any more space for anyone else.

    "Even if that person was more wonderful and even more perfect, it would still be a 'no'. Do you understand?"

    The image on his phone changed and a phone call suddenly came in, disrupting his thoughts.

    The doom and gloom on Lu Tngxiao's face washed away like the tide. He walked to the back of the house to pick the call up.


    "Boss, we've caught the mole! That guy almost swallowed poison to kill himself. It's a good thing that you reminded us in advance, Boss! Now, we've successfully pinned him down!"

    "Got it. I'll be back tomorrow to assess him personally."

    "Yes, Boss!"

    Lu Tingxiao hung up with a sinister intent to kill flashing across his eyes.

    The photos in that anonymous person's email could not have been taken by just anyone. No matter who it was, their aim had been achieved.

    Even he was clear that the sender had intentionally sent those pictures to incite conflict between him and that person...


    Late at night, in a court in the suburbs of Beijing.

    Qiao Yi swiftly slammed the table and stood up, his face filled with a terrifying rage. "What did you say?"

    The subordinate who came to report to him nervously answered, "Hei Long... was found out... Now, he's being held by Lu Tingxiao's people..."

    "Useless!" The man's expression was a dark cloud of anger. "Have you sent people over?"

    The subordinate's forehead was overflowing with cold sweat. "I did! But... We missed him. He's already been transferred. In fact, even if we found him, I'm afraid we won't be able to rescue him. The security is far too tight..."

    Qiao Yi naturally knew this too. Otherwise, he would not have felt such fury and irritation.

    Hei Long was the code name for one of their insiders in the Lu Corporation. He was also the sole chess piece they had buried most deeply. At that point of time, his position in the Lu Corporation was very high and he had provided them numerous important intelligence bits, yet at the same time, Hei Long held a huge chunk of classified information from them too.

    Once Hei Long fell into Lu Tingxiao's hands, the consequences would be unimaginable.

    This would not do. They had to think of a way to bail him out. If they failed to rescue him, they would still need to kill him before he spoke out.

    Qiao Yi paced back and forth the house. "Go call Xiaoxiao back. Stop her mission and tell her to return immediately!"

    "Yes!" The subordinate quickly received the order and retreated.

    At this moment came a lazy voice from the door, "It'll just be a waste of energy."

    "Ah Shen..." Qiao Yi looked towards who had come.