Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 164

    Chapter 164: Do You Have The Strength To Eat?

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    "Youre awake." Lu Tingxiao was afraid of scaring and disturbing her, so he lightly walked over and brushed his palm gently over her messy hair.
    "Lu Tingxiao" Ning Xi was slow to look at him.

    "Yes, how does your body feel?"
    Ning Xi appeared dazed. "Is this the hospital? What happened to me?"
    "You fainted last night because of a 39C high fever." Recalling that moment yesterday when she had suddenly fainted caused Lu Tingxiaos expression to darken.
    Ning Xi shook her head. "I had a fever? Why does my body feel so light, like I dont have any strength!"
    "You must be hungry. You slept for nearly a whole day and night," Lu Tingxiao said as he helped her unfold the meal table on her bed. Then he placed a pillow behind her back. "I assumed you would be up soon, so I bought dinner for you just now."
    "Thanks" Ning Xi looked at the busy man before her. She pressed her lips together, and couldnt resist extending one hand to touch his chin.

    The warmth of her fingertips caused Lu Tingxiao to freeze, and he looked at the girl, whose gaze was incomparably warm. "Yes? What is it?"

    Ning Xi furrowed her brow as she looked at his worn-out appearance and the stubble above and below his mouth. "Did you take care of me all night? All your stubble has grown out!"

    "Its alright. I did sleep for a while." In reality, he hadnt rested his eyes for even a minute, nor had he been in the mood to wash his face or rinse his mouth. Only when she woke up was he able to relax.
    "Eat your dinner. Since you cant have anything too fattening right now, theres only plain congee. Wait until youre better, then Ill buy you something tasty." Lu Tingxiao placed the bowl of congee and spoon into her hands. "Do you have the strength to eat? Do you need my help?"
    Ning Xi didnt say a word, and she also didnt move.
    Lu Tingxiao raised his head suspiciously to look at her. "What is it? Are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere on your body? Ill go call the doctor"
    Ning Xi quickly pulled him back, "Ah, Im fine. Im just not completely awake, so Im a bit out of it"
    Lu Tingxiao let out a breath of relief. "Right now, what you need the most is rest, so dont think too much."
    "Mm." Ning Xi nodded her head before diving into her bowl of congee. But she still did not appear to be in good condition, and looked only half-conscious.
    Lu Tingxiao treated her so nicely, she almost felt terrified.

    It was not as though she was dense, but from the beginning, the way he treated her had always been like this. She had continuously overlooked it, until she had gradually become accustomed to it.

    Everything which the man before her had done, was it all simply to repay a debt of gratitude?

    Even if he saw her as just a friend, would a friend do so much to this extent?
    Because her mind had been filled with too many messy things she had had to deal with, in the end she only thought of this fleetingly

    After eating dinner, Ning Xi finally felt that she had recovered some of her spirit.
    She quickly shifted through all the complicated thoughts inside her brain, and began dealing with the important issues. "Lu Tingxiao, is my phone here?"
    Lu Tingxiao did not look pleased. "I just said you need to rest well."

    Ning Xi clasped her hands together. "Ive rested enough after sleeping for so long. Also, Im full from eating. If you dont let me do something, Ill start rotting!"
    Lu Tingxiao saw that she did look a lot better, and couldnt resist her pleading gaze, so he ended up handing the phone over to her.
    Afterwards, he brought the thermometer over. "Lets take your temperature."
    "Ah" Ning Xi obediently opened her mouth for the thermometer, and then immediately went on the Internet to go through the entertainment news.
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