Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1637

    Chapter 1637: Personally Carried You Onto The Bed

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    Chapter 1637: Personally Carried You Onto The Bed
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    As Ning Xi subconsciously looked at the way her clothes hem was being clutched by the man, she had a stupefied expression on her face.

    In his slumber, the man's usual arrogant and lazy facade had faded away. His face looked like there was a hint of childishness. She could not be sure what he was dreaming of, but his brows were furrowed and he seemed like he was experiencing some horrible pain. His knuckles started to blanch as he held on too tightly to her hem.

    He looked terrible. Could he have fallen ill?

    Ning Xi observed the thin layer of perspiration on his forehead and reflexively reached out to touch him. At last, her hand was caught off-guard and held tightly by the man as if he was a drowning person holding on tight to the last piece of driftwood...

    Ning Xi frowned slightly. Just when she wanted to pull back, she heard the man mutter in a daze, "Mother..."

    Ning Xi was stunned.


    Did she hear him wrongly?

    "Mother..." Yun Shen muttered softly again. This time, it was quick and clearly filled with alarm. There was no mistake about it since his voice was very clear.

    He was really calling out for his mother.

    Ning Xi immediately fell into deep thought. What could Yun Shen possibly be dreaming of?

    Why did he react so painfully when he was dreaming about his mother?

    The man was still immersed in his nightmare, his expression turning more and more pained. Even his body had started to jerk slightly, so Ning Xi reached out to shake him. "Hey... Wake up... Yun Shen... Yun Shen!"

    Swoosh! The man suddenly opened his eyes.

    In the next second, Ning Xi's throat was gripped in one hand and she instantly turned silent.

    Yun Shen's gaze in this instance was extremely terrifying. It was cold and sinister. Just that line of sight was enough to suffocate anyone.

    One second, two seconds passed...

    When he finally had a clearer look at who it was, the strength of his grip choking her finally vanished, but he still looked very dreadful. "Who allowed you to be here?"

    When Ning Xi saw that he was still reeling from the nightmare, she wanted to console him, but when she heard him call out for his mother, she felt destitute. "How would I know? I remember that I fainted when I was at the police station, didn't I? Was it not you who brought me over?"

    "Stop flattering yourself!" The man denied without hesitation.

    Ning Xi scratched her head. Could it have been someone else? Then, who had brought her over here?

    It could not have been Feng Jin just like the same as last time, could it?

    It was impossible. First Senior Brother and Third Senior Sister were there too...

    Ning Xi did not delve into it further. She mumbled, "You had a nightmare earlier. I was simply being kind and woke you up, but you almost strangled me to death..."

    "What did you see?" The man stared at her with a gaze that seemed as if he was looking at a peeping tom.

    Ning Xi was astounded by that stare of his. "What else could I have seen? What's so fun about watching you have a nightmare? It just sounded like I heard you calling for your mother..."

    The man's expression was turning increasingly cold. In his eyes bubbled a rage of humiliation from having his privacy invaded. "Get out!"

    "I want to as well, but you have to first let go of my shirt!"

    Yun Shen's expression stiffened. Then, he let go of the shirt in his hand. His expression was one of disdain as if she had forced her shirt into his hand.

    Ning Xi muttered apprehensively as she left.

    At the door, Tang Ye, Feng Xiaoxiao, and Annie were all there. When they saw Ning Xi walk out, all of them immediately walked up to her.

    "Bro Xi! You're awake!"

    "Little Junior Sister, are you okay? That guy didn't do anything to you, did he?"

    Ning Xi shook her head. "No."

    Feng Xiaoxiao's expression darkened when she heard that. There was a sigh about the predicted outcome as well as a resentment towards the guy for failing to meet their expectations and an impatience to see some kind of progress.

    "Right, how did I end up here? And... and I was even lying on that guy's bed!" Ning Xi exclaimed in puzzlement.

    Feng Xiaoxiao blurted out an answer, "That guy insisted on bringing you back, and even personally carried you onto the bed!"

    Ning Xi was dumbfounded.