Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1629

    Chapter 1629: Last Chance

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    Chapter 1629: Last Chance
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    "Cough, cough..."

    As they were hit with resentment from Jiang Xingzhou, the producer and editor were instantly embarrassed and dared not to speak up anymore.

    However, they really thought that Jiang Xinyi's performance had reached the pinnacle. If this was still not enough, what was it that he wanted?

    After all, even the scriptwriter was very satisfied with Jiang Xinyi's performance...

    Song Lin's expression was indifferent as she watched this scene. She did not say anything throughout. Only she knew that Jiang Xingzhou's audition this time was held for just one of them.

    He wanted to be sure that the person's acting was not just that. It was something that she could see, so Jiang Xingzhou could obviously see it too.

    There was no way he could not have noticed that Ning Xi's performance the last time was not her level best.

    Jiang Xingzhou was a strictly impartial and incorruptible person. It was important to have the skills, but to reject all interference and completely display one's acting skills was also an important element of an artiste. Otherwise, it would be useless to just have acting skills.

    Thus, even when Jiang Xingzhou had seen through what she was going through, he did not say anything.

    Until Jiang Xinyi's performance had failed to achieve the effect he had envisioned multiple times, Song Lin pretended to be careless as she took the opportunity to mention some things about how Ning Xi had not seemed to give it her all at the first audition...

    Song Lin's fingertips lightly tapped the table's surface as she looked contemplatively towards the door...

    Director Jiang had given her one more chance, but this was also the sole opportunity.

    If Ning Xi could not seize it this time, then this show would be completely impossible, Even if she had been hinting by Jiang Xingzhou's ear, it would be useless.

    Outside the audition room, the staff had explained the day's agenda for the audition to Ning Xi and the rest.

    It was not a random draw. Instead, it was a fixed scene they all had to play out. It was scene 37, The Loss of A Son On A Rainy Night. The five of them only needed to audition this particular scene.

    The staff had very efficiently arranged everything well, then the few artistes had gone in for the audition in order.

    The audition process was even quicker than Ning Xi had thought. First one, second one, third, the combination of all the three people did not surpass ten minutes. On average, each of the them came out after about three minutes. In fact, based on the expressions of those three, it seemed like it had not went very well.

    Finally, Jiang Xinyi, who was before her, was called in.

    Jiang Xinyi had gone in for a very long time. Ning Xi took a glimpse at the time. She had particularly recorded it, and she noticed that she had gone in for 18 minutes already.

    On the side, Ling Zhizhi patted Ning Xi's hands, indicating for her to not be nervous.

    Another two minutes passed. Finally, Jiang Xinyi came out.

    Jiang Xinyi pushed the door open to walk out, then she took a deep breath. Her face appeared as if she had a weight taken off her mind.

    Jiang Xinyi was originally the best performer among them, and this time, she experienced Jiang Xingzhou's personal grinding. The fact that she had performed well this time was within everyone's expectations.

    "Last one, Ning Xi!" The staff member shouted outside.

    "I'll leave first. Good luck to you!" Jiang Xinyi smiled at Ning Xi, then she just turned around and left. The way she acted was as if she already had victory within her grasp. If she had even the slightest worry, she would not have left immediately then. Instead, she would have stayed to wait and see the results were after Ning Xi was finished.

    Ning Xi did not mind. In reality, she did not pay any attention to what Jiang Xinyi had said at all. After the staff called for her, she got up and immediately walked into the audition room.

    "Director Jiang, now you should be satisfied, shouldn't you? Xinyi's understanding of the role this time was very spot-on!"

    "After all, she's a mother herself. With her age right there, she also has ample experience. Imagine if it was her own child that left her. It would be even more immersive!"