Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1628

    Chapter 1628: Second Audition

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    Chapter 1628: Second Audition
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    "Mmm... Mmm... Okay, I got it. Thank you, thank you very much. I'll discuss with Ning Xi about it. I'll reply to you soon!"

    Ling Zhizhi looked at Ning Xi after she hung up the phone. "It's a call from the crew. It's been set. 8 a.m. tomorrow morning is the second audition. They've informed you to go. This was much sooner than I expected"

    Ling Zhizhi did not say anything else afterward, giving Ning Xi some time to think.

    Ning Xi sat on the sofa, staring into the distance blankly. After a while, she looked at Ling Zhizhi. "Sis Zhizhi, I'll go. Please reply to the crew for me!"

    "Okay." Ling Zhizhi was not sure if she should be relieved or hope that Ning Xi was not pushing herself too much.

    However, since she knew Ning Xi really well, she knew the girl must have made the decision after some serious thought.

    "I'll go with you tomorrow." Ling Zhizhi was still worried.

    "Thank you, Sis Zhizhi!"

    After she finished speaking with Ling Zhizhi, Ning Xi drove right back to Peachwood.

    On the way back, she received a call from Annie.

    "Hello, Bro Xi! Will tomorrow morning work?"

    Ning Xi was still a little disoriented, then she suddenly remembered that she had promised Annie to take a look at Yun Shen. "What time tomorrow?"

    "9 a.m," Annie replied.

    Ning Xi frowned. "I have an audition tomorrow at 8. If it's 9, I might not be able to make it, but I'll try my best"

    "Alright, I'll go and let Bro Ye know. Thank you, Bro Xi!"

    Ning Xi did not do anything else after she went back. She did not look through any videos or the script. Instead, she went right to sleep after dinner.

    She did not dream of anything that night.

    It was 6 in the morning when Ning Xi woke up. She had breakfast and got ready, then she met up with Ling Zhizhi and reached the audition venue half an hour earlier.

    She realized that the four other artistes thought just like her too. No matter their position, all of them arrived half an hour earlier.

    Everyone looked nervous, especially Jiang Xinyi, who looked terrible.

    It had been supposed to be her, but now the role had to be auditioned for again. How humiliating!

    If this was some other director and not Jiang Xingzhou, she would have already made a big scene!

    It was not the first time Jiang Xingzhou was particular on role selection. There was once when the chosen artiste was not able to live up to his standards halfway through the filming, so he insisted on changing the person even if he had to breach the contract. He did not care about anyone else.

    Jiang Xinyi assessed her other competitors carefully. All of them were not on her level. If not, Jiang Xingzhou would not have picked her back then.

    She was really unhappy about the second audition because she felt it was unnecessary, but of course, it was her last chance as well. If Director Jiang was still unsatisfied this time, there would never be a third chance.

    The five of them picked their sequence numbers. Jiang Xinyi was number four and Ning Xi was the last one.

    Ning Xi frowned when she saw the number she had picked. She glanced at her watch. The police station was strict with their visiting time. If she was not there by 9, then she would not be able to see him

    At 8 o'clock sharp, Jiang Xingzhou and Song Lin's group arrived.

    After they went into the room, the producer sat down and mumbled to Jiang Xingzhou, "Director Jiang, is it really necessary to have this audition? The results of the first round were obvious. The other four can't make it. Only Jiang Xinyi can do it!"

    The scriptwriter went along, "Actually, Jiang Xinyi was really not bad!"

    Jiang Xingzhou looked at him coldly. "Not bad? You call that not bad? Are you guys working with me for the first time?"