Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1623

Chapter 1623: Truly Enemies On A Narrow Road

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Chapter 1623: Truly Enemies On A Narrow Road
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Lu Tingxiao did not delay for another moment. He immediately used a private plane to send Ning Xi home.

Orlando was still leaning on the little window, waiting to look for Ning Xi after the investigations were done, not knowing that she had long left Sichuan City.

"Sleep for a while."

On the plane, Lu Tingxiao carefully covered the girl with a blanket.

In order to finish shooting early and leave as soon as she could, Ning Xi had indeed felt worn out in this period of time. Her energy was beyond depleted. Now that Lu Tingxiao was by her side, she instantly relaxed completely. She nodded in a daze and fell asleep very soon.

Lu Tingxiao's movements were tender as he undid the girl's clothes. He studied the gauze on the girl's shoulder and his expression darkened even more.


At Imperial, after they returned, Ning Xi temporarily stopped all of her work under Lu Tingxiao's orders. She was incredibly obedient as she stayed at home to heal. Only until the gauze was removed and her wound had formed a scab was she allowed to leave the house.

At night, she met up with Ning Tianxin in a restaurant.

Because Ning Tianxin did not want to trouble her so much, she went home when she was closed to complete recovery.

In the period of time that Ning Xi was occupied with filming, Ning Tianxin was busy preparing to leave the country, so it had been quite a while since they last met.

"Xiao Xi, is your wound okay?"

"It's just a small wound and it's already healed. You, on the other hand... How's your body? Did you continue taking the meds that Annie prescribed you?" Ning Xi asked.

"It's fine. Annie's meds are very useful and I've been taking them on time. The doctor said I'm recovering very well," said Ning Tianxin proudly.

Ning Xi was a little more assured when she heard this though, of course, she also knew that Ning Tianxin was more or less consoling herself. How could there be no problems at all? Even Annie had stated that her situation was not something that could be healed in a short period of time. As for whether or not she would be able to have children in the future, it was all still unknown.

"Are you all done with the procedures to go abroad?"

"Almost," Ning Tianxin said with a teacup in her hands. She seemed rather hesitant. "I initially wanted to bring my mother with me. That way, it'll be easier to take care of her too but she's unwilling to go, saying that she wouldn't be used to the life abroad..."

"It's like that. In fact, when one is older, they're less willing to move. Second Aunty has already moved out to live alone and there aren't many messy things to deal with. You should hire a reliable housekeeper. When I'm free, I'll make frequent trips to visit Second Aunty. Don't you worry!" Ning Xi consoled.

"Xiao Xi, thank you. If it was not for you this time..."

"Look at you! You're starting to be courteous with me again!"

The two chatted for a while until Ning Xi noticed that Ning Tianxin was turning pale. She immediately asked with worry, "Sis Tianxin? What's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?"

Ning Tianxin's fingers lightly held her underbelly. Her brows furrowed and she shook her head. She said softly, "It's fine, Xiao Xi. I'm just having my period today, plus maybe because this is the first time I'm having it after my abortion, it feels like the reaction is slightly worse..."

Ning Xi felt her heart ache so much upon hearing this. She quickly stood up and walked over to hold Ning Tianxin, blaming herself as she said, "Then, quickly go home and rest! If I had known that, I wouldn't have asked to meet you today!"

When she saw Ning Xi looking like the sky was going to fall, Ning Tianxin said helplessly, "It's just period pain. It's nothing huge anyway."

"Just? You're already turning pale..." Ning Xi held Ning Tianxin as they slowly walked outside.

Ning Tianxin herself had not expected that her reaction this time would be even worse than usual. Her body really could not bear the strain, thus Ning Xi had to hold her as they left the restaurant.

The two had just walked out when they unexpectedly bumped into two people...

It was Mo Lingtian and Guan Ziyao, of all people...

When she saw the two of them, Ning Xi's expression instantly darkened.

This was truly a case of enemies on a narrow road!