Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1620

Chapter 1620: Personally Come Over and Kill The Romance

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Chapter 1620: Personally Come Over and Kill The Romance
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Lu... Lu Tingxiao...

How could this be?

The CEO of the Lu Corporation, America's Wall Street legend, the legend of China's business world...

He kept an extremely low profile and rarely revealed himself on public occasions. Martin could recognize him because there was once when they had met each other at a cocktail party. The other person did not seem to be as unreasonable as the rumors said. In fact, he seemed to be very interested in the entertainment industry and had very professional insight. He had chatted with him about many professional issues...

"Leo..." Martin nervously called out his English name.

Martin almost did not dare to recognize him because the man before him right now was much more different than the one he had met that day.

"How's she?" Lu Tingxiao's gaze did not stay on Martin at all. Instead, he looked towards the doctor directly akin to a sharp blade.

Martin had thought that he was lucky, yet he did not expect what he worried most about had happened. He had really come for Ning Xi!

The CEO had actually personally appeared for a subsidiary company's employee!

The doctor felt a shiver travel up his spine just by looking at his terrifying aura. After the man appeared, he instantly assumed a position of control. The doctor quickly ditched Martin and turned to him to answer, "She's fine. Luckily, it's just a bruise."

"A bruise?"

"Really just a bruise? Are you sure?" On the side, Orlando could not help but butt in.

"Yes, the bullet didn't hit any vital organs. It hit her shoulder," the doctor answered matter-of-factly.

When he heard the doctor's words, Martin looked like he had escaped death by a close shave. His back was already slick with sweat.

Immediately, Martin's eyes were filled with disbelief. Orlando's gun had been aimed right at Ning Xi's heart. If it had hit her, everything would have definitely pointed to disaster.

However, at this second, he suddenly remembered that before Orlando had pulled the trigger, Ning Xi seemed to have very quickly shifted. Could she have noticed that something was not right then and had intentionally evaded it?

In such a situation at that moment then, how did she notice that something was off and had even accurately evaded her vital parts?

Orlando did not have the mood to care about who this person who suddenly appeared was. The moment the doctor finished, he immediately barged into the ward impatiently. "Xi!"

Lu Tingxiao's gaze paused for a second on Orlando before he swiftly walked into the ward as well.

Martin had yet to completely understand what was going on. He could only restlessly follow them in...

Inside the ward.

Ning Xi was lying on the sick bed, her wound already treated. She had also changed into a patient's gown and appeared like she was in an alright state except that she was a little pale.

"Xi, are you okay? I'm so sorry! Really so sorry... I really didn't know that gun was real... I'd rather the bullet hit me... Hit me thousands of times to take on all the pain you suffered for you..." Orlando said. Just as he was about to emotionally hold Ning Xi's hand, for some reason, he suddenly felt a chill shudder up his spine, so he withdrew his hand midway.

When Ning Xi saw Orlando, she was about to say something but from the corner of her eye, she looked past Orlando and got a proper look at the man behind him. She excitedly said and almost jumped as she did, "Dea... Boss!"

She dangerously corrected herself.

Lu Tingxiao frowned as he walked over with his long legs to hold her down. His tone was extremely cold. "Don't move!"

"Boss! Why are you here!?" Oh! My dear! I miss you so much!

"I was passing by on my business trip, then I heard about you." Because the entire ward was filled with the film crew at the moment, Lu Tingxiao simply said so.

In reality, it was after he had received the call from Ning Xi yesterday that he had already booked a flight ticket to rush over that day. He was worried that the wife's hand would get hurt from killing the romance, so he wanted to personally go over and do it for her.