Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1618

    Chapter 1618: Aroused Beyond Redemption

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    Chapter 1618: Aroused Beyond Redemption
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    Today's filming location was a steep cliff with a magnificent landscape.

    Initially, Ning Xi's tragic ending was to die from Orlando's gunshot, but after Martin and Charles had discussed, they finally decided to arrange for an open ending of her being shot by the gun, then falling off the cliff. The cliff-hanger would not explicitly state whether Ning Xi lived or died.

    When Martin had come up with this suggestion, Charles had surprisingly understood him.

    This movie could very likely have sequels. If the first movie proved that Ning Xi's character received a great response, then there was a huge possibility that Martin would let her continue shooting the sequels.

    When Ning Xi had received the altered script at the start, she had already thought of this too. Even if it was not to evade Orlando, she had to give it her all today.

    "3, 2, 1, action!"

    With the clack of the clapperboard, the shoot began.

    Right from the start, Orlando had intentionally slipped up with the thought of spending more time with Ning Xi. He had been in the entertainment industry for a long time, so to make bad takes without leaving any traces was a piece of cake for him.

    Yet, when the shoot had officially begun, Orlando's entire being was stupefied...

    The instant the director had yelled "Cut", not too far away from where Ning Xi held the gun and fought with all the extras, it was as if she was possessed by something horrifying.

    Initially, her scene was designed simply, yet the way she expressed her persona, she transformed it into something else. That bedazzling marksmanship, that explosively cool action of holding the gun, that chilly gaze that made one so excited that they could tremble... It was like she was really a heartless assassin...

    In fact, Ning Xi's marksmanship was so shocking. Yesterday, he had just taught her a little with other things in mind and his tips definitely would not have brought her to this level.

    Even though this was the first shoot, and they had not run through the script at all previously, Ning Xi could actually take the lead to immerse everyone into the act. Even Orlando, who had planned to do bad takes, felt his body involuntarily cooperate with the girl's entangled hits. He kicked the gun in her hand away, then from ten steps away, he raised the gun to aim at her heart. His face was a mix of love and hatred...

    At this moment, he had forgotten everything, forgotten that he was Orlando, forgotten that he had initially wanted to do a bad take. As he watched the girl before him, he completely entered into the world of the lead character, Randy...

    This mysterious girl who aroused him beyond redemption was, unfortunately, his enemy...

    Compared to Orlando's mixed and struggling expression, Ning Xi was just a murder weapon who had been trained since she was young. She did not have any feelings. Even if she was faced with death, there was still nothing in her eyes.

    Ning Xi looked at Orlando. The corner of her eye fell on the gun in his hand. In the next second, her gaze turned sharp. Her indifferent expression that was initially completely immersed in her act indistinctly wavered...

    That gun...

    Bam! At this moment, Orlando shut his eyes and finally pulled the trigger.

    The instant Orlando pulled the trigger, his initially shut eyes instantly widened with fright. In fact, he was immediately confounded out of his act by the sound of the gunshot.

    What was happening!?

    This was just a fake gun. Why would it make such a sound?! Also, that feeling when he pulled the trigger did not feel quite right...

    It was not just Orlando. Everyone at the scene was mindblown too. Martin, Charles, and all of the crew members were a mess. All of them looked alarmed as they ran towards the direction where the girl had fallen.

    "Oh! Oh my God!"

    "Oh my God! That's a real gun!"

    "F, U, C, K! What's happening!"

    "Xi! Ning Xi! How are you?"