Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1617

Chapter 1617: I'll Kill This Romance Myself

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Chapter 1617: I'll Kill This Romance Myself
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Ning Xi still had to maintain her weak and little bunny-like image, so she obviously could not say that she was used to playing with such things. Thus, she said innocently, "Thank you, Senior."

Once Orlando heard her, he gladly and diligently taught Ning Xi the way to hold the gun and pull the trigger in detail as well as the trick to making the movement look even more graceful.

"Orlando, prepare for the next scene!" The director shouted from not too far away, his voice brimming with a warning.

During the filming period, so long as Orlando stuck close to Ning Xi for more than five minutes, he would immediately receive a "friendly greeting" from Martin.

Orlando looked resentfully at the hammer that was separating the affectionate couple, then he carefully put the gun into Ning Xi's hand. "Do you like it? You can take it back to play with it. Just return it to me at tomorrow's shoot! Martin let me familiarize with the way to hold the gun, so I'm already very skilled!"

Ning Xi initially wanted to say that there was no need, that she had no interest in a fake gun. Besides, she did not have many scenes of her using the gun. It was just a single shot, so she did not need to practice. However, once she met with his twinkling eyes that were bright as gems and full of anticipation...

It was hard to refuse such kindness. Ning Xi could only nod and accept the gun. "Thank you!"

In this period of time, she had explicitly and implicitly indicated her rejection. She had even vaguely revealed that she already had someone she liked, yet the other person was so completely immersed in his blazing emotions that were about to set himself on fire that he had not even heard her...

Thankfully, they were going to complete the shoot tomorrow...


At night, she returned to the office after finishing her work.

After she showered, Ning Xi gave Lu Tingxiao a call.

At this moment, the Lu Corporation's building was still brightly lit. In the meeting room, the tedious and intense memories made everyone's faces tensed with fatigue.

Amidst the cold and still air, there was suddenly the sound of a phone ringing.

Lu Tingxiao looked at the caller ID, then unexpectedly raised his hand and interrupted the higher management staff that was reporting to him, "Meeting time-out."

Everyone exchanged looks. How important was this call that it could have the boss interrupt the meeting at such a time?

"Is that even a question? One look at the boss's expression and you'd know!"

"Thank you, Lady Boss, for your saving grace..."


"Hello?" Lu Tingxiao walked to a quiet part of the balcony.

"I miss you so much..."

When he heard the girl's voice from the other end of the phone, the man's expression instantly softened. "I'll get Cheng Feng to book the earliest flight ticket."

Ning Xi obviously knew that Lu Tingxiao was really busy during this period of time, but just because of her single casual sentence, he wanted to immediately rush over...

Sigh, she must have saved the world in her past life to deserve him.

Ning Xi quickly said, "No need! I'm just calling to tell you that my last scene is tomorrow. I can go home the day after tomorrow!"

"Send me your itinerary. I'll go pick you up."


Ning Xi was about to speak intimately with Lu Tingxiao when there was suddenly singing from downstairs outside her window. "You satiate me with the taste of love, like the night in the silence of the forest, like the mountain swollen with the throes of spring..."

Ning Xi was dreading this. She almost forgot that a certain person would randomly go crazy and start a concert. "Cough, one of our main leads was a singer. He likes to sing when he's bored..."

"Let me forever be by your side. Please accept my love for you, my dear Xi, my most beloved Xi..."

Ning Xi was alarmed now. Damn! This guy had actually changed the lyrics!

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

Ning Xi replied, "Boss, don't worry, I'll kill this myself!"

The next day, at the filming venue.

Last night, Ning Xi had to miserably explain the whole situation to Lu Tingxiao for a long time. The first thing she did after coming over to the filming crew was to focus on the preparation. She strived to be done within one take.

On the other hand, Orlando had decided that today he had to make a few bad takes!

Yet, when it was time for the shoot, Orlando was stupefied...