Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1615

    Chapter 1615: Separating An Affectionate Couple

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    Chapter 1615: Separating An Affectionate Couple
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    "Shut up! Immediately leave that place!" Martin's yell was so loud that even Ning Xi could hear him from the opposite end.

    As Ning Xi listened to the two people bickering, she felt helpless.

    Orlando looked towards Ning Xi as he was reluctant to leave, then he muttered to Martin through the phone, "Martin, do you know that you're now like a father separating an affectionate couple, and ruining his daughter's romantic life?!"

    Martin was speechless. He really wanted to beat that joker up right then and there!

    Following the scolding, Orlando finally left while he turned back with every step to look at her.

    Soon after he had left, Ning Xi's phone rang. It was Director Martin calling.

    From the other end of the phone, Martin sighed weakly, "Xi, I'm really sorry. That fellow is too rude. I hope he didn't cause any disturbance for you. Just ignore him!"

    "Cough... It's fine..."

    Thankfully, this entire area had been sealed off, so there were no outsiders. There was no huge impact on her.

    Martin continued to say, "There's one more thing. Initially, I wanted to wait until it was prepared before I told you, but I should just tell you about it now. I've already discussed with the scriptwriter and I want to add scenes for you. We'll try out best to firm up the concrete content that we'll be adding as soon as possible, so I'll have to trouble you to wait for a few more days."

    When she heard Martin's words, Ning Xi was instantly stunned. "Add more scenes?"

    "Yes, your performance was excellent today. I believe that you'll be a little surprise for the audience."

    Based on what he was saying, it seemed like the additional scenes were also more than just a few seconds.

    Ning Xi quickly calmed herself down. "Director Martin, thank you! I'm really thankful for your confidence!"

    "No, this is what you deserve. Oh, your scenes... Apart from adding fight scenes, there'll also be a romantic connection with Orlando, but don't you worry. It's just more to the direction of an ambiguous romance!" Martin especially explained.

    "Okay, I've got it. Thank you, Director. I'll perform well! Thank you for your trust and the opportunity!"


    Ning Xi still did not know how to react until she had hung up. Not only were fight scenes added, but there was even an added romantic plot line with one of the important characters?

    Xiao Tao had immediately forgotten about Orlando and was attracted by the words "add more scenes".

    "What, what? What additional scenes? Bro Xi! Did the Director say that he's adding scenes for you?"

    "Probably yes."

    "That's great!" Xiao Tao was so excited that she was frantic. "Let me report this good news to Sis Zhizhi!"

    After Ling Zhizhi received Xiao Tao's phone call, she did not expect for her prediction to come true. She immediately ordered Ning Xi to cooperate fully, then she told them both not to reveal this news to outsiders by all means.

    After all, this was just the director's words and it had yet to be confirmed. Besides, even if it was, there was no certainty that the scenes would be deleted later on or not. If they revealed this now, and the scenes later got deleted, they would inevitably be seen as intentionally lying to hype things up.

    Now, Ning Xi was being watched by numerous people, she had to always be careful.

    "Got it, Sis Zhizhi. Also... there's one more thing..." Xiao Tao looked a little hesitantly at Ning Xi. She was not sure whether she should mention Orlando.

    Ning Xi was having a headache too, but she felt that there was a need to inform Ling Zhizhi, so she just nodded at Xiao Tao.

    Then Xiao Tao started, "Sis Zhizhi, Orlando seems to... seems to be interested in our Bro Xi... Earlier this evening, he was serenading Bro Xi with a love song downstairs, but he was scolded and chased away by Director Martin. Oh, Sis Zhizhi, do you know how handsome and charming Orlando is? He sings so well and he even looks like he really likes our Bro Xi..."