Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1611

Chapter 1611: Im Head Over Heels For You

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Chapter 1611: Im Head Over Heels For You
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Director Martin was well-informed about the Chinese culture. He could tell that Ning Xi's method of brewing tea was rather professional.

It was supposed to be a common scene, but Ning Xi's tea brewing movements carried artistic and classical nuances as well as demonstrating the clash of both Western and Eastern cultures. This was what Martin was hoping for!

Even though the scene was going way over time, Martin did not yell "Cut". Instead, he made the cameraman continue and was not going to omit any scenes out from this footage.

"Xi, you're doing really great!"

The director went up to hug Ning Xi after the scene, his praises sounding more genuine this time around.

"Have you learned how to brew tea before?"

Ning Xi was thrilled that she was recognized by an international director like Martin. "A little, but I'm not really an expert at it. It's acceptable enough to be on camera only, I suppose."

"Not at all! I think you're much better than many professionals! You're skillful!" Director Martin looked earnestly, he then gazed silently at Ning Xi with some thoughts ruminating in his head.

He had intended for a Chinese actress just to boost the sales of the movie in China, but he did not expect this girl to be this spectacular.

Would three minutes be too little to feature her?

The scene went on smoothly, and soon the next was up.

Ning Xi only had two scenes. If things went well, she could leave by tomorrow

The next scene was a fighting scene between her and Orlando. The director had hired a professional martial arts director to choreograph the fight.

Orlando seemed to have been training with the martial arts director as he was used to the movements already. Nevertheless, Ning Xi, of course, picked it up very quickly.

When Ning Xi and Orlando were rehearsing, they started with slow movements, but they soon became faster as they got more familiar with the steps.

Orlando's attitude towards Ning Xi changed after he saw her in her acting outfit. He was really gentle and patient towards her as if he was afraid to hurt her.

Ning Xi was a little disgusted by his doting attitude. She was very experienced after all, so of course, she knew what he was trying to do.

Was this guy... trying to flirt with her?

Rumor had it that Orlando liked Asian girls. Hmm, it seemed like it was true.

However, Orlando was quite a gentleman. While he was suspected to be flirting in the name of acting, he never used any suggestive language or did anything overboard to her.

"Alright, everyone in position! We're starting the next scene!" Director Martin informed everyone.

Orlando then spoke to Ning Xi affectionately, "Don't worry. We can slow down the tempo later, so you don't have to worry about not being able to follow"

"Thank you, Senior Orlando!" Ning Xi acknowledged obediently.

Orlando smiled as his desire to protect her was content.


The shoot started.

Orlando was facing Ning Xi in a forest.

This scene depicted Orlando stealing the treasure map and Ning Xi stopping him.

The moment the director snapped the clapboard, the gentle-looking classic beauty acted like a different person. She lashed out at Orlando sharply with a strong kick and a determined attitude.

The white inner side of her cheongsam flew together with her swift steps.

When they were practicing, they had just been getting used to the movements. Orlando was taking this first take as a chance to practice too, so he did not expect such a drastic change when she was filming. She was like a walking killing machine.

Without waiting for his reaction, she was attacking him fiercer than ever, being far from cute at all. In fact, she was terrifying.

At the last moment, Ning Xi stepped on Orlando, taking the treasure map back while looking at him coldly.

Orlando was lying on the dried leaves, studying the girl's terrifying expression charmingly. He mumbled, "Oh baby, I'm head over heels for you!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

That line did not exist!

This guy was not fond of Asian girls. He was a straight up masochist!