Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 161

    Chapter 161: Didn't See Him As a Man

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    Hearing this, Ning Xi immediately pushed the embarrassment to the back of her mind. "Done? All of it?"

    Lu Tingxiao nodded, and signaled for her to take a look herself.

    At first, Ning Xi was worried that she wouldn't understand what she was seeing, but then she realized that Lu Tingxiao was showing her the results straightaway without going through all the complicated processes.

    The IP address of the sender showed that the email had been sent from the apartment that Ning Xueluo was staying in, Regal Riveria, and that the anonymous foreign account belonged to Cui Caijing, Ning Xueluos assistant.

    "I thought this kind of hacking only existed in TV shows! Especially for anonymous accounts, they have high levels of security, so you need to hack into the banks system in order to break it, its almost an impossible mission" Ning Xi was so excited she couldnt speak for a long while. At last, she hugged Lu Tingxiao. "Lord Boss! You are absolutely brilliant!"

    Lu Tingxiao: ""

    In that moment, Lu Tingxiao realized that he was now facing a problem.

    Even if Ning Xi did completely trust him now, she trusted him a little too much to the point of forgetting the fact that he was a man!

    To put it simply, she treated him like a good teacher and friend, even like a father, but didnt see him as a man.

    This was really a headache

    But it was also a good sign. The moment he had been waiting for was quickly approaching.

    "What are you going to do with this evidence?"Lu Tingxiao asked after sorting out his emotions.

    "Theres no rush in making it public yet, Ill let Ning Xueluo continue making a fuss. The larger the fuss she makes, the worse itll hit her when the time comes! Im going to to"

    "To do what?"

    "Mm Lu Tingxiao, can you help me, why do I suddenly feel like the floors spinning"

    At the word "spinning", Ning Xi blacked out, and she fell to the floor with a hard thump.

    "Ning Xi " Lu Tingxiaos face changed abruptly, and he quickly picked her up.

    The soft body in his arms was burning up like a fireball. He felt her forehead; as expected, it was hot to the touch.

    He had noticed it a bit earlier, but had thought the heat was just his imagination. He never expected that she would really be sick.

    With the person in his arms, Lu Tingxiao ran downstairs: "Uncle Yuan! Get the car!"

    The old butler was alarmed to see what was happening. "What is wrong with Miss Xiao Xi?"

    "I ... dont know." Lu Tingxiaos ice mask, which hadn't changed for a thousand years, fractured.

    He didn't know! He didn't know whether it was a left-over effect of the drug or if it was just a fever, or maybe Zhu Xiangcheng had given her something?

    In that moment, Lu Tingxiao was drowning in self-recrimination. He should have taken her to the hospital for a check-up in the first hour; not only hadnt he done so! He had dragged the time out for so long, and made her exhausted from running up and down.

    So much had happened this time, and she was under such immense pressure.He was afraid that she had now finally reached the limits of her endurance

    "Eldest Young Master, don't worry too much, it looks like Miss Xiao Xi just has a fever, how about we call the family doctor to come and take a look at her"

    In that moment, Lu Tingxiao was already deaf to anything anyone could say, and when the driver came around with the car, he immediately got in with the person in his arms. "To the hospital!"

    Then he said to the butler outside the car, "Tell Qin Mufeng to come, too!"

    "Yes." The butler was helpless to do anything but obey.

    If he still had the slightest uncertainty, seeing Eldest Young Masters expression in that moment swept it all away.

    This girl was most likely their future Eldest Young Mistress.