Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1609

Chapter 1609: Bro Xi Is Amazing

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Chapter 1609: Bro Xi Is Amazing
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Once Xiao Tao's Weibo status was posted, it instantly garnered numerous likes, comments, and shares. Very soon, it had been pushed to the hot topics. Ning Xi's fans were so jealous that they almost wanted to beat Xiao Tao up.

Apart from all of sorts of screen-licking, many fans could recognize that Ning Xi was at the shooting venue of "Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad" and they were instantly even more excited.

[I've started to be a fan of Bro Xi since "The World". My Bro Xi has become more and more popular, and now she's even filming with the god Colin. This is way too exciting!]

[And my elf Orlando, Benny, and my goddess, Jennifer! All of them are super international big shots! My Bro Xi is amazing!]

Amidst the excitement, there were inevitably some incompatible comments...

[I'm really speechless. Isn't she just going to be a cameo? Do all you retarded fans have to be so excited? You make it seem like she has some really important role. Later on, when the movie is shown in theatres, you'll be dumbfounded. She's just a cameo, so she'll probably just be cut to a few seconds' feature of her face!]

[Tsk, she came from being an unknown cameo, and until today, she's still just a cameo!]

[Wasn't this role left behind after Ning Xueluo quit the industry? What heiress? She actually picked up something that someone else didn't want!]


[A certain someone's astroturfers should keep their mouths clean. Something so shameless was done, yet they dare to hoot here. What do you mean 'didn't want'? Ning Xueluo was clearly chased out of the industry like a stray dog! Everyone knows that she spent tens of millions and even lost money by reducing her value to be paid nothing just for this cameo. Now you're speaking in a disdained tone! Where's your face?]

[Instead, it's a certain shameless person, who had racked their brains to fight for everything. Until now, she's still brazenly hogging the title of an heiress. It's our Bro Xi that doesn't want it and doesn't care about either!]

It was a good thing that Ning Xi's fans had strong debating skills. Very soon, they had scolded the other party until they had nothing to say.

If one asked whose fans were the strongest in the current entertainment industry, apart from Jiang Muye, it would be Ning Xi's!

There were even many people who privately thinking that if one day, Jiang Muye's fans and Ning Xi's fans started a fight, who would win?


After they rested and got reorganized in the hotel the entire night, the next morning, Ning Xi punctually made her way to the crew and the shooting venue.

There were about 50-odd people at the scene. Everyone clearly had tasks delegated to them. The atmosphere was tense as they were shooting a gun battle scene.

This scene focused very much on the gun battle, but Ning Xi had no part there. Her character had a few scenes, only two, and they were classic Chinese martial arts scenes.

This movie had four main characters: three men and one woman. Colin, Orlando, Benny, and Jennifer were well-known Hollywood big shots in China.

Ning Xi played a subordinate working under the villainous boss.

As for the entire movie's plotline, it was about a few heroes coming together to save the world. The main highlight of Hollywood blockbusters was still the special effects and sets.

The scene of the high-strung shoot ended very soon. After the director yelled "cut", a Chinese girl not too far away caught the attention of his eye. His eyes instantly shone and he enthusiastically greeted her, "Hey, Ning Xi?"

"Director Martin!" Ning Xi held out her hand to greet the director.

"Oh, baby, you're even prettier than I imagined! You're practically an Eastern ceramic doll!" The director exaggeratively complimented her, then he enthusiastically hugged Ning Xi.

Ning Xi humbly had a small chat with the director. She would not take the director's words to heart. After all, one knew after interacting enough with the foreigners that they were habitually enthusiastic and did not necessarily find one amazing.