Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1603

Chapter 1603: Small Disturbance?

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Chapter 1603: Small Disturbance?
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Whilst everyone would not say it out loud, they felt that Ning Xi was too arrogant. To put it in another way, she overestimated herself.

She had just only received a Golden Film Award and was never even close to any international awards before, yet she was there despite the fact that she did not fit the image of this movie at all.

She was no different than Xu Jiaojiao

"Hello to all the judges. I'm Ning Xi from Glory World Entertainment." Ning Xi gave a simple greeting.

There were five judges that day. Jiang Xingzhou sat right in the middle and Song Lin was on his right. The others were the producer, the co-director, and the scriptwriter.

Without a doubt, Jiang Xingzhou was the ultimate decision-maker.

Probably because there was no one suitable after a dozen auditions, Jiang Xingzhou's expression looked terrible and his aura was even scarier.

"Hey, Director Jiang, if you keep this face up, it'll affect the actresses' performance!" Song Lin laughed at him.

Song Lin was probably the only person who would crack a joke to Jiang Xingzhou at this moment.

"If they can't even take such a small hiccup like this, should they still be in their acting careers?" Jiang Xingzhou retorted coldly.

"Small hiccup? You're too humble, Director Jiang. Back then, after my first audition with you, I had a few nights of horrible dreams"

With the judges' chatter, and knowing that Song Lin had also been nervous when she first auditioned for Jiang Xingzhou's movie, the tension in Ning Xi relaxed. She looked at Song Lin gratefully.

"Okay, let's start," Jiang Xingzhou said.

Ning Xi nodded and drew a piece of paper.

Scene 37: The Loss of A Son On A Rainy Night.

Ning Xi frowned a little when she saw which scene it was that she had picked. Damn it, why this scene out of all the others?

Several people had gotten this scene earlier. Jiang Xingzhou did not have any specific expression on his face. Instead, he said, "You have ten seconds to get ready."

Someone had already started the timer as Jiang Xingzhou finished his sentence. There was no time for the actress to react at all.

Even when the main character was a mute and had no lines at all, it was already a huge challenge for the actress to read the script in ten seconds and get into character.

Fortunately, she had prepared herself well. She could already memorize the whole script, so she knew what she needed to with just a look.

The ten seconds ended.

The working staff started reading the narration, "Out... Out of breath... Little Zhu Zi is out of breath"

The staff was just reading the lines without any emotion. The audition was all about how the artiste was got into character anyway.

Ning Xi had a stunned expression on her face after the staff read the lines. She crawled over and held up the props on the floor.

Pathetically, it was a poorly made prop consisting of a tied up blanket. She had to imagine it as a child.

When Ning Xi rushed over like a crazy woman, everyone thought that she would cry out loud, but she did not.

Ning Xi held the "child" tightly. She put her face against its cheek and kissed the child's cold forehead and face... She also took off her coat and wrapped it around the child, holding onto the child gently

As if the child had not died

However, from the mother's shivering body to her fearful yet forced strong expression and her tears rolling down... Everyone knew that the child was really dead

In the end, the mother's suppressed expression shattered. She cried without a sound, rousing even the apathetic audience.