Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 160

    Chapter 160: Ill Feed You

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    "You can stop now." To prevent himself from losing control if this continued, Lu Tingxiao called a stop.

    "Oh." Ning Xi didn't think too much of it. She continued to study the gun, then looked in Lu Tingxiaos direction uncertainly as she asked, "This gun are you really giving it to me?"

    Lu Tingxiao: "Take it as your birthday gift."

    This was really a special birthday gift

    Ning Xi touched the body of the gun gently. "Thank you, I like it a lot!"

    The safety performance of this gun was definitely better, plus with its low-key appearance, nobody would know what kind of gun it was unless they took it apart. It was also a lot more convenient to use.

    As she kept looking at it, Ning Xi couldnt stop herself from tearing up. "Lu Tingxiao, thank you nobody has ever been this good to me"

    Lu Tingxiaos heart was moved, and just as he was about to speak, Ning Xi said feelingly, "It feels just like having a father!"

    Lu Tingxiao: ""

    This evaluation was very high, but it also gave him a very strong urge to both laugh and cry.

    "Its already so late, you must be hungry, let me make you a late night snack!"

    After Ning Xi eagerly ran out of the room, Lu Tingxiao calmly took that gun apart.

    As he expected, the serial number had been erased.

    But with this, the possibilities concerning the other partys identity had been drastically narrowed down.

    After ten minutes, Ning Xi entered carrying a steaming bowl of food.

    "Lu Tingxiao, are dumplings okay? I saw some left in the fridge from last time, so I cooked some up for you!"

    "Put it there."


    Ning Xi felt a little bad seeing Lu Tingxiao so busy for her sake, so she lifted the bowl up. "Shall I feed you?"

    Lu Tingxiaos eyebrows knitted slightly. At first he was going to refuse, but in the end couldnt bring himself to reject her.

    "Ill feed you, Ill feed you! You just keep doing what youre doing!" Ning Xi hurriedly picked up a dumpling and blew on it carefully, then raised it to his mouth.

    Lu Tingxiao looked at the computer screen with a solemn air, and with an emotionless face, opened his mouth and ate that dumpling.

    Why didn't he remember them being this delicious the last time he ate them?

    Ning Xi continued feeding him the dumplings one after another, until they were all gone.

    "Go and rest, Im almost done here." Lu Tingxiao gave Zhang Qiangs laptop back to her, then started to concentrate on his own laptop.

    "Oh, okay." Holding the laptop, Ning Xi sat on the sofa in the corner.

    She started to mess around with Zhang Qiangs laptop out of boredom, to see if there might be any other type of evidence on it.

    In the end, she really found some.

    She found a folder titled "Important Secrets" in the D drive. Clicking it open, she found many video files.

    Had that guy hidden more evidence from her?

    Ning Xi clicked open one of the files suspiciously.

    Ning Xi felt something was wrong as soon as it started playing, but by the time she reacted, it was too late. In the next second, grunts and groans to make the face turn red and the pulse race came out of the laptop, and in the quiet study room, it sounded even clearer

    Ning Xi: ""

    Lu Tingxiao: ""

    Ning Xi really wanted to find a hole in the ground to bury herself in, and in her panic, she couldn't close the video no matter how many times she clicked on it.

    In the end, Lu Tingxiao couldnt just watch anymore, and walked over to help close it for her.

    Ning Xi threw the laptop aside and complained, "There was a folder called Important Secrets, so I thought it would have some sort of evidence in it shit! I should've known!"

    This type of suspicious folder on a man's computer, of course it would be this kind of thing!

    Lu Tingxiao rubbed the skin between his eyebrows as he looked at the girls indignant expression, and heaved an extremely helpless sigh. "Its done, come take a look."

    It was because he was selfish that he had said it would take one night to get it done he wanted to spend more time with her.

    But if she continued to torment him like this, he didnt know what might happen