Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1597

    Chapter 1597: Little Bunny Doll

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    Chapter 1597: Little Bunny Doll
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    An evil thought that was inconsistent with his age flashed through his mind. The best scenario for him was to kill two birds with one stone. It would be great if he could finish the arrogant brat Lu Qingyu together!

    He had humiliated him during dinner the last time, causing him to be grounded by his grandfather and father for a whole month, then he was forced to apologize and be nice to this brat like a servant. He had had enough.

    He needed to let it out on him this time!

    A super genius? An outstanding little prince? He would humiliate him in front of everyone. He would then see if anyone would compare this brat to him again!

    It was obvious that Chi Shuai liked the lolita. He was impatient now. He had been fine with Little Treasure before this argument because his family had persuaded him, but now that the girl he liked was being taken away, he suddenly forgot about everything. He even forgot his mother's attractive promise of buying him a Transformers figurine if he became friends with Lu Qingyu

    "Did you hear that? Tian Tian is mine!" The chubby boy roared.

    "Oh." Little Treasure nodded. He did not seem to be very interested in girls.

    The chubby boy was taken aback. He did not expect Little Treasure to really give up on such a cute girl like Tian Tian.

    Seeing that the chubby boy might not get mad now, Guan Zhichen instigated with a playful tone, "Brother Chi Shuai, you can't do this! As a gentleman, you need to respect the girl's wishes!"

    He seemed like he was helping Little Treasure by defending him since he was not speaking up for himself.

    Little Treasure looked at Guan Zhichen with a frigid stare.

    Guan Zhichen freaked out a little. There was no issue with what he had just said. There was no way that this brat would see through it. Even if he did, he could not do anything about it

    Chi Shuai looked nervous. "Tian Tian! Tell me! Who do you like?!"

    "Of course, I like Brother Little Treasure!" The lolita replied almost instantly as she clung to Little Treasure. "I like Brother Little Treasure. I don't like you. Stop pestering me! I hate you!"

    With Guan Zhichen's meddling, the issue bubbled to the surface once again.

    Chi Shuai was even angrier this time.

    While Chi Shuai was the same age as Little Treasure, he was about a head taller than Little Treasure and much bigger in size too. When he rushed angrily in front of Little Treasure, he looked like a big mountain in comparison to Little Treasure.

    "Tian Tian! What's so good about this shorty?! He's so short and skinny! Look at his pocket! He has a little bunny doll inside! That's a toy for girls! He's a sissy! How shameful!"

    Children were innocent, but it was also the worst when innocent children became evil.

    Little Treasure had been ill for a few years after all. Even though Ning Xi had helped him grow quite a bit, height was not something to be rushed easily. He was slightly shorter than other children of the same age.

    The impatient Chi Shuai started calling him names like "shorty", "sickly person", "sissy", and so on. A lot of children were not satisfied with Little Treasure as well, especially when he was so popular with the girls.

    Trouble arose when it came to people; it was the same in the children's world.

    They had been forced to go there by their parents. As time went on, with this incident as a trigger, they exploded.