Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1595

    Chapter 1595: Bunch of Idiots

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    Chapter 1595: Bunch of Idiots
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    When they heard their grandson's confident answer, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were incredibly pleased.

    "So, Little Treasure, Grandfather and Grandmother have come to an agreement with you and you can't back out, okay?"

    "Mmm, Little Treasure will take a serious look at it."

    Lu Chongshan let out a long sigh of relief, feeling the weight on his heart finally lifted by half.

    Initially, he thought it would be very hard. After all, their grandson was completely taken by the woman and they did not know what she had said to Little Treasure behind their backs either. He was worried that Little Treasure would cause a ruckus, so he did not expect things to have gone much smoother than he thought.

    As long as Little Treasure was willing to be in contact with others, he had confidence that they could definitely change Little Treasure's mind!


    After Little Treasure confirmed it, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi started to organize everything in full swing.

    The blind date banquet this time was definitely much grander than the one that had ended midway five years ago.

    He did not believe that with so many incredible girls, all of them heiresses from top wealthy families, there would be none that would catch Little Treasure's eye.

    Apart from that, the biggest difference between this time and the one from five years ago was probably... The fact that the person they had prepared to meet the girls the last time was Lu Tingxiao, but now it was Little Treasure.


    Very soon, the news about the Lu family organizing a "socialite tea party" had spread all around the circle.

    On the surface, it was said to be a tea party to which all the heiresses of the top families would go over and be guests to admire flowers. However, in reality, those who were well-informed would know that this was actually a marriage arrangement dinner.

    The reason it was put like that was merely an elegant and tactful way to say it.

    After the family meeting ended, most of the socialites who had come for Lu Tingxiao had yet to leave Imperial. Therefore, when they heard the news about the tea party, all of them started to get excited.

    In a certain luxury resort under the Lu Corporation.

    In the spa room, a group of girls was anxiously bickering to get an aromatherapy facial massage. They were all gathered in groups as they chattered on continuously.

    "Oh my God! I still don't feel like it's real. Is Mr. Lu really going to have a marriage arranged for him?"

    "I was surprised too. I thought that this time, I had definitely come for nothing! After all, that lip stain on the chief's collar was so striking during the family meeting the other day..." The girl spoke with a jealous tone.

    "Such a huge thing has happened to the Lu family, so this is rather expected, isn't it?" Someone muttered sorrowfully, but because this was taboo, she did not dare to even speak loudly.

    "Enough talking. It's best to prepare quickly! I'm really nervous! I wonder what's the chief's type!"

    "He's a still a man. Men, they're all the same! They just like the pretty ones..."

    The few girls were debating when suddenly there was a mocking scoff that came from the side, "Bunch of idiots!"

    The girl who spoke had fair skin, good looks, and a slim body. Her face was full of arrogance.

    A girl, who was getting her nails done, instantly exploded when she saw who it was. "Hey! Chi Yingying! Who are you calling idiots!? The last time you lied to me that the head of the family was an ugly monster. I haven't even settled that score with you!"

    The girl by the side took off her mask too. "Exactly! Who said we're idiots?! Be frank if you have anything to say! Why are you being so peculiar, skulking here?"

    "I'm not responsible for giving all you idiots lessons," the girl finished, then turned around and left. She did not linger for even a moment.

    She had long received the insider news that the person who would appear at this tea party would not be Lu Tingxiao, but Lu Tingxiao's only son, the little prince of the Lu family...

    So, all these idiotic woman were just doing useless things!

    Up till now, they still did not know the real key to being the head lady. If they were not idiots, then what were they?