Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1593

    Chapter 1593: Find Someone Little Treasure Likes

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    Chapter 1593: Find Someone Little Treasure Likes
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    "You heard?" Lu Tingxiao's finger slowly fixed the girl's tousled hair.

    Ning Xi nodded, then she probed, "So... It's all real? Have you... known for a long time?"

    "I was just guessing previously."

    Ning Xi now had a lot of questions. She could not help but continue to ask, "Then, what's the concrete situation? Is that guy really your...?"

    She just really could not say it. She was still very dumbfounded up till now!

    Lu Tingxiao did not cover anything up and he explained, "Father merely said that back then, he had been just momentarily spellbound and had made a mistake."

    Ning Xi frowned. Was he trying to imply that there was more to it?

    Even though she had been by Yun Shen's side for a long time, she did not know anything. She was also the last person to find out about his relationship with Lu Tingxiao...

    "I don't know all of these either. He's never revealed anything related to this," said Ning Xi.

    Lu Tingxiao lifted the girl's fingers to his lips and kissed them. "You don't have to do anything. You don't have to feel bad either. I've said that this is between me and him."

    Ning Xi frowned slightly.

    No wonder Lu Tingxiao had said back then that it was a private grudge.

    This was quite a huge beef indeed...

    Ning Xi studied the man before her. She looked startled.

    This man... Regardless of when, what he cared most about was that she would not be implicated and troubled.

    When he saw the girl looking at him, Lu Tingxiao asked, "What's wrong?"

    The girl lifted her head ever so slightly. The way she looked at him was as if her gaze was full of stars. "Lu Tingxiao... No matter who the Lu family belongs to... Whoever belongs to whoever... I am yours..."

    The man's eyes suddenly dilated. An abyss wavered violently at the depth of his eyes. Moments later, it turned into a pond of soft ripples as he sighed softly. He held the girl's head and kissed her hard...


    After the family meeting, the Lu family's secret had caused violent waves beneath the tranquillity. Even the entire Imperial was in turbulent times.

    Even if they had tried to lock down the information, it was such a huge scandal and it was impossible for them to have continued keeping it a secret. Among the high society circle, those who were well-informed would know that the Lu family was going to experience a change in regime...

    The fourth brother of the Lu Corporation's director, Lu Chongming, had initially been at an overseas branch of the company. However, recently, he had taken on a new lease of life and become part of the top management at Yi Lan Innovative Investment Group. In fact, he had transferred all five percent of his shares to Yi Lan. This was such a huge move. Even if everyone wanted to overlook it, it was impossible!

    Yi Lan's team was clearly ready to fight the war of shares. Lu Chongming was just the first step.

    All these years, the Lu Corporation had been had been ruled with an iron fist under Lu Tingxiao's management. To overcome it would definitely be no easy feat. Apart from Lu Chongming, they could only buy some of the dispersed shares. However, Yi Lan's financial capabilities were mind-blowing. If they let them continue like this, no one would know what would happen next.

    At the Lu family's old residence.

    It had only been a few short days, yet Lu Chongshan's hair had turned much whiter.

    "Ruyi, have you arranged the thing I asked you to prepare?"

    Yan Ruyi looked hesitant. "Is it really okay for us to hide it from Tingxiao? Isn't it best to discuss with him first?"

    "No need. Don't you understand Tingxiao's temper by now? It would just be a waste of energy! Most importantly, we're out of time right now! We must make thorough preparations! He's in this position and all these things are what he must bear!"

    When Yan Ruyi heard this, she felt sorry for her son. Her frustration was clear, yet she could not retort back.

    "Go. Get someone to bring Little Treasure over first. I'll talk to Little Treasure about this... We still have to consider Little Treasure's opinion... We have to at least find someone that Little Treasure can accept..."

    When she heard this, Yan Ruyi's expression softened. "I'll get someone to fetch him now."