Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1591

    Chapter 1591: A Girl Was Lying There

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    Chapter 1591: A Girl Was Lying There
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    Lu Jingli kept on yelling, "Sister-in-law! You're only my sister-in-law! No one else's! Your roasted pork ribs and sweet and sour fish are mine and mine alone! You cannot be anyone else's sister-in-law! Never!"

    "Uhh" Anyone else's sister-in-law?

    When Ning Xi imagined someone calling her sister-in-law, goosebumps rose all over her!

    "Lu Jingli! That's enough! Get up and stop yelling! Where's your brother?" Ning Xi could not stand it anymore and stopped him.

    Lu Jingli stood up aggrievedly. "He's still in a meeting. The senior management meeting just finished. Now, he's holding a meeting with the stakeholders. It'll probably take some time... I'm about to go to the hospital to visit my father. Sister-in-law, did you find out what happened at the dinner?"

    "Mmm, Jiang Muye told me about it." Ning Xi's expression darkened slightly, then she asked, "Is it okay if I wait for him upstairs?"

    Lu Jingli then mumbled, "It'll be okay even if you waited for him in the meeting room! Let me make a call. I'll get the secretary to lead you into his office!"


    After she went into the building, a secretary welcomed her and brought her right into Lu Tingxiao's office.

    "Madam, the CEO is still in a meeting. Please wait for a while." The secretary served Ning Xi with a smile and even directly addressed her as "Madam".

    The Second Master had mentioned that it was his sister-in-law on the call, so she should be the rumored genuine girlfriend of the CEO!

    Of course, she would need to seize this chance after all those wasted efforts on the fake girlfriends

    "It's alright. It's no issue."

    "Madam, what would you like to drink? Tea, coffee, or juice?"

    "I'll have some juice."

    "Okay, I'll get it for you!"

    Although the woman on the sofa was wearing sunglasses and a face mask, judging by her appearance and jawline, she must be a real beauty!

    While the secretary was really curious about her real identity, she did not want to make her unhappy, she quickly retreated after a short glance.

    Soon, the secretary returned with a glass of juice.

    Ning Xi thanked her and continued waiting, but because she was too tired from the continuous script reading, she could not help it and fell asleep on the sofa...

    On the other hand, Lu Tingxiao had finally finished another long meeting. Several stakeholders trailed behind him towards his office. They seemed to have several other matters to talk about.

    Lu Tingxiao opened the door into his office and the others went in as well. Then, everyone saw that lying on the sofa in the CEO's office was a girl! Everyone was stunned.

    Lu Tingxiao was slightly taken aback in surprise when he saw the girl on the sofa. Seconds later, his expression was like a melting frozen mountain, the aloof vibes of his vanishing.

    "You guys can go back first. We'll talk later," Lu Tingxiao spoke to the stakeholders in a low voice. He then went up to the girl a little unhappily and frowned as he covered the girl with a blanket.

    The stakeholders nodded as they were leaving, but they glanced back after a few steps. Though, they could not see anything because Lu Tingxiao blocked their view

    Was that the rumored Lady Boss everyone was talking about!?

    What a stingy boss! He could have let them at least take a look