Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 159

    Chapter 159: You Think Im Dangerous?

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    After hearing this question, Ning Xi looked a bit embarrassed and scratched her head. "I mentioned it to you before, it was that one-day ex-boyfriend."

    That man again.

    If they only dated for a day, why did she have so many ties with him?

    Lu Tingxiaos expression immediately became very severe. "Do you know that the channels through which guns like this are smuggled in are monopolized by three groups? No matter which group that friend of yours belongs to, they are all targeted by the authorities. That includes that diamond, it was most likely smuggled in illegally as well."

    Her head lowered, Ning Xi murmured, "I know"

    "You know?" Lu Tingxiaos face became even more unsightly. She knew and yet she had still been with that kind of person? Also, since she had insider information on the other party, that meant her situation was even more dangerous!

    Ning Xi explained hurriedly, "He can be a little dangerous,and Im really sorry that I can't tell you anything about his identity, but he would never hurt me; that, Im sure of"

    After she finished, she realized that Lu Tingxiao sexpression had become the worst ever.

    At that moment, Ning Xi felt like a naughty kid who had done something bad and had been caught by her parents. She gripped her fingers together tightly, and didn't dare to make a single sound.

    The Big Demon Kings aura was too scary when he was angry!

    Lu Tingxiao finally spoke after a long while. "Give me the gun." Ning Xi had nearly destroyed all his reason earlier when she had defended that man.

    "Oh" Ning Xi immediately obeyed and gave him the gun. "What are you going to do with it?"

    Lu Tingxiao was ruthless as he took it."Take it away from you."

    Ning Xi immediately rushed forward and cried, "Ah! No! This is my lucky charm! I promise I won't play around with it! And won't let anyone see it!"

    Lu Tingxiao gave her a cold sideways look, opened a drawer, and took out another gun which he gave to her. "Use this one from now on."

    Ning Xis eyes immediately lit when she saw the gun which Lu Tingxiao had given to her. "This is"

    She couldnt tell what model it was, but with one look, she knew it wasnt an ordinary gun.

    "Can I dismantle it to take a look?" Ning Xi asked cautiously.

    Seeing the girls sparkling eyes, Lu Tingxiao nodded.

    Having received permission, Ning Xi happily took the gun apart, and was amazed when she saw its inner structure. "P226?"

    "I made some modifications, its safer now." Lu Tingxiaos expression still wasnt very pleasant.

    Because Ning Xis knowledge about guns, how to use them, and how to dismantle one, had clearly all been taught to her by that man.

    Ning Xi loved the gun, and couldnt put it down as she stroked it. Then she looked at him timidly. "Um, people who own a 92F are very dangerous, but you actually managed to get a P226"

    The 92F was said to be the best gun in the world, but few knew that it was the P226 that was the real deal. It was just that it was too expensive, so it wasnt as commonly used as the 92F.

    Lu Tingxiaos face immediately turned cold after hearing this. "You think Im dangerous?"

    Ning Xi shook her head like a rattle-drum. "No, no, no! How is that possible! Lord Boss is the best! You are my guardian angel! Are you tired, are your shoulders aching? Let me give you a massage! Keep it up, keep it up!"

    Without another word, she ran behind him like a groveling underling, and put her back into massaging his shoulders.

    Even though he knew she was flattering him on purpose, Lu Tingxiaos stormy face still immediately brightened at the girls sweet, soft voice, but quickly he tensed up again.

    The girls soft, supple hands were using the right amount of strength to massage his shoulders and were very professional when they moved to massaging his neck and temples.

    The warm touches and the right amount of strength used were very comfortable, and also very lethal.