Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 158

    Chapter 158: Get Away From Me

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    "Right, right, right?" Ning Xi clasped her hands together, her face expectant and sparkles in her eyes, partly to curry favor with Lu Tingxiao, and partly because she in fact really needed the help.

    Lu Tingxiao was silent for three seconds, then he finally opened his mouth: "Yes."

    "Really? You really have a way?" Ning Xi almost jumped with excitement. "How long will you need?"

    "An" Lu Tingxiao was about to say an hour, but changed it at the last second. "A night."

    "So fast! Thats amazing!" Ning Xi was overjoyed, and hurriedly took a laptop out. "This is the laptop I took from Zhang Qiang, do you need anything else? Ill get it for you!"

    "No need." Saying that, Lu Tingxiao stood up and went upstairs straightaway.

    Ning Xi immediately scrambled after him.

    When they reached the study, Ning Xi darted forward to attentively pull out the chair for Lu Tingxiao, then placed the laptop on his desk, and ran off to pour him a glass of water.

    Lu Tingxiao looked at her, then sat in his chair.

    Lu Tingxiao took his own laptop out and connected the two laptops together with a cable.After browsing through the evidence that Ning Xi had mentioned, he opened an unknown software and typed in a series of codes into the box on the monitor screen.

    Curious, Ning Xi moved closer to take a look, but as expected, she couldnt understand a single thing. While she was profoundly confused, everything seemed amazing to her even though she didnt understand any of it.

    As Lu Tingxiao was typing, he suddenly heard light breathing in his ears. His fingers abruptly stopped typing, and he knitted his eyebrows together.

    "Whats wrong? Is there a problem?" Ning Xi asked nervously.

    Lu Tingxiao sounded a bit cold: "Get away from me." It was very hard for him to concentrate with her being so close to him.

    "Ah"Ning Xis head instantly drooped, like an eggplant weighed down by frost, and sadly moved to the far corner of the room.

    Seeing the girls miserable state, Lu Tingxiao almost opened his mouth to comfort her, but held back in the end.

    Ning Xi hugged a pillow in her arms and quietly observed Lu Tingxiaos side profile as he worked seriously. She secretly savored the view, and realized that what people say about men being the most attractive when they were seriously concentrated on something was so true!

    For a while, only the soothing sound of clacking keys on the keyboard could be heard in the study.

    For a long time, Ning Xi sat there struggling with something, and in the end, she couldnt help asking, "Lu Tingxiaocan I ask you a question?"

    "Go ahead."

    "You why didn't you ask me?"

    "Ask you what?"

    Ning Xi curled her fingers tightly into fists. "Ask about the gun! Youre not going to ask me why I have a gun? Dont you think that in many ways, Im different from what you think I am? Don't you think that that Im scary?"

    Lu Tingxiao: "No."

    Ning Xi: "Oh"

    Ning Xis conscience bothered her when Lu Tingxiao didn't ask anything. He treated her as a friend, and didnt hold back in the least in order to help her,while she hid things from him all the time.

    Therefore, even though Lu Tingxiao didn't ask, Ning Xi spoke up herself. "You know that M Country isn't a very safe place, and having guns is legal there. When I was there, I learned how to use a gun.

    Back here, this gun was smuggled in. I dont know the specific details, it was my friend who gave it to me. He was also the one who taught me how to use a gun. Its only as a last resort to defend myself. This is the only time Ive used it since coming back!"

    Lu Tingxiao stopped what he was doing: "Who is that friend of yours?"