Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1577

    Chapter 1577: I Want To Wear The Same Thing As Father

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    Chapter 1577: I Want To Wear The Same Thing As Father
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    One lip stain...

    Just like that, his affection was publicly put on display...

    Just like that, he had announced to everyone present that he was taken!

    No matter what their parents said, Lu Jingli was confident that his brother definitely would have prepared something, but this move was so savage. It was such a simple act of cruelty that he had not even thought of.

    All the girls stared right at the lip stain on Lu Tingxiao's collar. If their penetrating gazes could release flames, Lu Tingxiao's clothes would have had a hole burnt right through it.

    "Look at that lipstick color and formula. It should be the newly released color code NT260 by company G. This color is especially tricky. If one can't pull it off well, they'll look very tacky. I've only seen specific women pull off this color. That woman actually dared to use this shade!" The girls discussing this had a natural passion for things like lipsticks, so obviously, they would know a lot about it. Many of the girls exchanged information about this lipstick just based on its color.

    "That should be the chief's woman. She must definitely be very beautiful! Obviously, she'd dare to wear this color! I'm so heartbroken. I haven't even tried and it's already fruitless..."

    "I heard that the chief is extremely fastidious, but he actually allowed that woman's lip stain to remain on his shirt collar!" Some girls were so jealous that they almost ground their teeth to bits.

    Lu Tingxiao's aura was cool and remote as he held his head up high with esteem and pride. His entire being commanded an air of being above the common populace. That lip stain which had so abruptly appeared on his collar drew a contrast that added an extremely appealing sexiness and attractiveness to him.

    To have the gall to leave a lip stain on such a man's collar... How was that like? Just thinking about it really made one burn up and overwhelmed with emotions!

    A girl in a classy black gown was sipping on champagne, then her eyes narrowed and she said, "I think tonight you guys had better watch out! The chief is clearly hinting that he's not happy that this event labeled as a family meeting is becoming an event for blind dates..."

    When they heard the girl's words, all the girls looked around at each other and felt miserable.

    Even though that was the case, who could resist such the temptation of being the head lady of the Lu family?

    Even if there was only a sliver of possibility, no one would be willing to give up, would they?

    The crowd all had thoughts of their own. Lu Chongshan's face was already darker than the bottom of a pot, while Yan Ruyi's expression showed signs of helplessness too.

    They could not deny that Jingli still knew his brother the best.

    "You... Sigh... If you're really against it, could we force you? Why do you have to do something like this?!" Yan Ruyi sighed to express her displeasure.

    Lu Tingxiao did not say anything, but his expression clearly demonstrated that he did not trust his mother.

    Yan Ruyi cleared her throat a little awkwardly. Obviously, she felt pretty guilty saying that. After all, she had recently been secretly preparing for this. All the girls that could enter tonight had also been carefully selected by her.

    Even though Lu Chongshan was angry, he could not cause a huge scene at such an occasion today. He could only suppress his agitation. "Quickly go change your outfit."

    Before Lu Tingxiao said anything, the little bun spoke up from the side, "Grandfather, I want to wear the same thing as Father."

    The father and son duo wore the same design. The gem ornaments on their collars were the same too.

    When Lu Chongshan heard his darling grandchild speak up, he instantly nodded kindly. "Okay, okay, okay, don't change then! As long as our Little Treasure likes it!"

    Lu Tingxiao looked at his own son. When he heard him call him "Father" in between his sentences, his brows raised. In order to protect his mother, the little guy had made a pretty huge sacrifice.