Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1576

Chapter 1576: Woman's Lip Stain

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Chapter 1576: Woman's Lip Stain
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"Ah, ah, ah... Oh my God! This... This is the chief of our family clan?"

"The chief of our family clan is actually so handsome! Chi Yingying, that bastard! She actually lied to me that the chief was a sinister, scary, and ugly monster, which was why he seldom appeared in public and didn't allow the media to publish his pictures! She made me reject my aunt's help to introduce us! I want to pick a fight with her!"

"Oh my God, you're unbelievably stupid! You actually believed that? She obviously wanted one less competitor!"

"Ah, I really want to marry to the chief too! My uncle said that this time, the host family is also prepared to choose a suitably aged girl to go on a blind date with Second Master and the family chief at the same time!"

"Enough dreaming! Do you think it's that easy to be the head lady of the family? Even if it's Second Master, you're not even qualified yet!"


Lu Chongshan looked at his incredible son and listened to all the praises around him, seeming very delighted.

His eldest son was the hugest pride in his life. He had elevated the Lu family to an unprecedented peak. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was the Lu family's most perfect and outstanding family head in history.

As his mother, Yan Ruyi was obviously pleased too. She had been quietly taking note of all the girls who were there that night.

Good thing that girl still has some self-awareness and didn't come tonight...

"Eh, this isn't logical! My brother actually obediently walked into the wolf's den?" Lu Jingli was confused. After all, based on his understanding of his brother, this protective devil would definitely not let any other woman but Xiao Xi have the chance to lust after him.

"Do you think your brother will behave like you and act inappropriately?!" Lu Chongshan shot Lu Jingli a dirty look.

"Oh! No! I don't believe it! This is illogical!"

He waited until Lu Tingxiao had brought the little bun and walked up to the three of them. Lu Jingli immediately closed in like a tracking dog. He peered up and down to examine his brother and did not leave any corner unturned.

Lu Tingxiao did not stop Lu Jingli from acting so crazy either. He just stood there, speaking to Lu Chongshan.

"Little Treasure is attending our family meeting for the first time. You should bring him around to get to know everyone!" Lu Chongshan gazed lovingly at his darling grandson.

Although that was what he said, he was actually trying to imply that Lu Tingxiao should take Little Treasure around and show him off.

"Mmm." Lu Tingxiao nodded.


Lu Tingxiao was still speaking to Lu Chongshan, then Lu Jingli suddenly tugged Lu Tingxiao's collar like Colombus discovering the New World. "Dang! Bro... You should watch your image a little!"

On Lu Tingxiao's collar was obviously a lip stain. Half of it was exposed on the outside of the collar, while the other half was hidden in the tuxedo. Now that Lu Jingli pulled at it, it was completely presented to the crowd.

Since Lu Tingxiao was the focus of everyone's attention, how could no one not notice this lip stain? Only, no one dared to confirm it or simply utter anything.

"That thing on the chief's clothes... Is that actually really a woman's lip... Lip stain?"

"I heard that the chief once announced to the public that he has a girlfriend..."

"No! No way! There isn't any woman beside him!"


At that moment, there were suddenly gasps of astonishment in the banquet hall. If one listened closely, one would be able to hear the breaking of all the young ladies' hearts.

Lu Tingxiao shot his brother a sideways look, then slowly waved his hand and rearranged his collar properly. "Don't touch me."

Lu Jingli indicated that he had been severely hurt and immediately held his chest in mock pain. "Bloody hell! You're too much! Sister-in-law didn't even come, but you can still publicly display your affection alone!"