Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1574

Chapter 1574: Too Flirtatious

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Chapter 1574: Too Flirtatious
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"Lipstick?" Ning Xi was a little stunned. "I do, but what do you need it for?"

"I need to use it."

"Huh? Use it"

What was Lu Tingxiao going to do with it? He could not be using it on himself, could he?

Ning Xi searched through her bag in confusion and took out a lipstick she usually used.

Lu Tingxiao removed the cap, then he lifted the girl's chin with his long fingers and carefully applied it on her.

Ning Xi blinked her eyes. She still had no idea what Lu Tingxiao was trying to do.

Finally, Lu Tingxiao was done applying the lipstick, then he handed his white shirt to her.

Ning Xi then realized what was Lu Tingxiao trying to do. Her heart was throbbing fast, so fast that she felt light-headed.

Ning Xi coughed lightly, "Uh, darling, are you... sure?"


Ning Xi looked at the clean collar of the shirt. She hesitated for a while. In the end, she gently left a lipstick stain near the collar.

Ning Xi blushed when she saw the red mark of hers that her kiss left on the shirt.

She did not expect Lu Tingxiao to have her accompany him this way. At the same time, he could use this to avoid the other women.

Oh! Her darling was too flirtatious!

How could he do this!?

The devil's flirting skills had evolved to another realm!

"Is this... alright?" Ning Xi asked.

"Perfect." Lu Tingxiao folded the shirt back.

Ning Xi was really touched as she felt the unlimited love and indulgence from him. She leaned over slightly. "Boss, do you want it somewhere else?"

The man's eyes darkened. He caressed the girl's head and showered the girl's lips with kisses

The next day, the Lu family meeting was held in one of their properties.

The major successors of the whole of the Lu family along with the large stakeholders were all gathered together.

The music fountain by the front door was switched on, and there was a small band playing in the banquet hall. The very definition of a rich man's life was displayed under the huge crystal chandelier.

The guests were from the Lu family or people with deep ties to the Lu family. Everyone took this chance to connect with each other, making it rather lively. Laughter echoed everywhere and everybody wore a smile on their faces.

Under Lu Tingxiao's leadership for the past few years, the Lu Corporation had reached its peak. Of course, the people present had benefitted as well.

In the whole hall, there was only one unhappy person -- the poor little guy who was also the most popular one in the hall at the moment. Everyone was trying to talk to him.

"Second Master, this is the daughter of my brother-in-law's second aunt. She's called Ying Ying. At 24 years old, she graduated from Princeton University. She took the same course as you did, so you guys must have a lot to talk about"

"Jingli, this is my niece Yan Yan. She's 18 this year and is still in high school. She really admires you. Why don't you talk to her for a little?"

"Second Master, look at this girl on my phone. What do you think? She's three years older than you. As the saying goes, you'll be full of gold with a girl that's three years older!

"Second Master, Second Master"

Lu Jingli was trapped among the crowd of aunties around him. No one was able to save him and he looked like he was trampled.



Why are you not here yet?!

Save me!