Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1571

    Chapter 1571: Blow It, I'll Be There

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    Chapter 1571: Blow It, I'll Be There
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    Late night, at KFC.

    As the two female waitresses watched the heap of bones in front of Han Xiao increase, their ogling went from the restlessness of seeing a handsome guy late at night to the horrified gaze of seeing a ghost late at night...

    Such a mysterious and unique, handsome, long-haired guy was unexpectedly a glutton!

    Even though Ning Xi was already mentally prepared for Han Xiao's appetite, she still stared at him in amazement from behind her shades.

    "Master, earlier... Were you just coincidentally passing by?" Ning Xi probed.

    Han Xiao finished off a drumstick in two bites before answering, "Nope, I've come to look for you."

    Ning Xi was speechless.

    He had jumped onto her car hood in the middle of the street dead in the night to look for her. She was really humbled, haha!

    At this moment, at a table diagonally opposite them, the muscles on Shi Xiao's entire body were tensed up. He looked as if he was facing a mortal enemy as he stared at Ning Xi and Han Xiao's direction.

    This was a fear that came from the survival instinct of meeting a mighty opponent.

    Up until this moment, Shi Xiao was still breaking down from recalling the scene earlier.

    Bloody hell! Why were the people around the Lady Boss getting scarier than the other?! He really felt like he was the one who needed protection the most!

    Lady Boss, are you sure this person is safe? Do we need to go get back up right now?

    "I wonder... What has the master come looking for me for?" Ning Xi eagerly ordered a family bucket set again, then asked.

    Han Xiao swept the entire family bucket set clean, then finally found some time to take something out before casually tossing it towards her.

    Ning Xi quickly caught it. Han Xiao had thrown her something carved with an unknown pattern. It was a whistle-shaped pendant hung on a red string.

    Ning Xi kept fumbling with the whistle, yet she still could not figure out what it was. "Master, what's this? Why are you giving this to me?"

    "For you to stay alive," said Han Xiao.

    "Ah?" Ning Xi was a little confused. She did not understand what he meant.

    Han Xiao explained, "Blow it and I'll be there."

    "Huh? Cough, cough..." Ning Xi almost choked on her own saliva. "Well, Master, something doesn't seem very right. How loud can the whistle be? Unless you're just nearby, you won't be able to hear it and rush over, will you?"

    "I'll be there," Han Xiao repeated himself. In fact, he started to look quite upset by Ning Xi's doubts.

    Once Ning Xi saw his frown, she dared not say more, so she quickly nodded. "Okay, okay, okay! I'll accept this then! Thank you, Master! Thank you very much! Master, you're too good to me! Definitely one of the most loyal people out there!"

    Now, Han Xiao started to look better. However, his eyes were gloomy as he said, "Imperial has been chaotic recently."

    When Ning Xi heard him, she thought to herself, "A certain someone's back in the country... Of course, Imperial is chaotic..."

    She did not expect him to appear because she had casually helped him out and had even half-joked that he owed her a life. He had really remembered her deed.

    He was really honest.

    However, this brain of his did not seem too right.

    She felt like he still had a primitive thought process.

    Ning Xi did not know whether to laugh or cry as she looked at the whistle in her hand, but she felt his concern and her heart was pretty grateful.

    "Thank you for your reminder, Master. I will pay more attention," Ning Xi said.

    "Mmm, I'm leaving." After Han Xiao was full, he left without any sign of reluctance. He was lightning quick and before anyone could react, he was gone.

    On the other side, Shi Xiao, who was prepared to call for back up, was stupefied.


    He was actually gone just like that...