Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1570

    Chapter 1570: More Normal Entrance

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    Chapter 1570: More Normal Entrance
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    Ning Xi chatted a lot with Song Lin.

    Initially, she was a little awkward, but by the end of their chat, it was practically familiarity at first sight. The two of them shared many similar views and beliefs. Later on, they even analyzed a large chunk of the script all the way until it was late at night, but they still had not had enough.

    As the old adage went, listening to the right person speak was better than studying for ten years. Today, she finally understood the meaning of the saying!

    All along, she had always fumbled alone and worked hard to read books and study by herself. Now, there was suddenly someone leading the way, helping her resolve many problems she had long been puzzled by, and even pointing out some errors.

    "Thank you, Senior Song. Thank you so much for today!" Ning Xi took a deep bow and thanked her.

    Song Lin smiled nonchalantly. "You're welcome. It's hard to come by people you can hit it off with immediately. It's been a long time since I've chatted this happily with someone too. Call me 'Sis Lin' next time. There's no need to be so distant!"

    Ning Xi immediately responded, "Sis Lin!"

    "It's very late. Did you come alone? Do you want to stay at my place for a night?"

    "There's no need to trouble you. I've already bothered you a lot. I came with a chauffeur," Ning Xi quickly said.

    "Okay then, get home and be careful on the road."

    "Mmm, I'll go now. Goodnight, Sis Lin!"

    "Goodnight." After Ning Xi left, Song Lin did not immediately enter her house. Instead, she quietly watched the girl's bouncy silhoutte leave.


    Downstairs, when Shi Xiao saw Ning Xi come down, he breathed a sigh of relief.

    Even though the Lady Boss was meeting a woman...

    However, based on his understanding of the Lady Boss, women were not safe either!

    "Miss Xi, returning to Platinum Palace?"

    "Mmm, let's go home."

    On the way, Ning Xi was humming a song in mood as she summarized notes on the enlightenment she had received from chatting with Song Lin earlier.

    She was absorbed in her writing when the smoothly driven car suddenly came to a sudden halt with an ear-piercing screech.

    "What's happened?"

    "Miss Xi! Be careful!" Shi Xiao was horrified as he yelled out in a trembling voice.

    Then, Ning Xi saw a dark human figure squatting like a spider on her car hood.

    "Damn it..." Ning Xi rubbed her eyes. She almost thought that she had seen a ghost.

    What the heck was this?

    Shi Xiao took a gun out from the car's hidden compartment, then he swiftly opened the car door and pointed it towards the unknown entity on the car hood.

    The entity moved with an inhuman speed and attacked Shi Xiao.

    Ning Xi quickly got down from the car too. When she clearly saw what was attacking Shi Xiao, her eyes suddenly widened and she quickly stopped Shi Xiao. "Shi Xiao! Don't shoot!"

    Pop! The sound of a silenced gun burst. The unknown figure used an extremely weird angle to evade the bullet's speed, then it immediately snatched the gun from Shi Xiao's hand.

    "I hate other people using guns to point at me."

    When she heard this familiar voice, ten thousand "what the hells" flashed across Ning Xi's mind. Well, I hate people squatting on my car hood in the middle of the night!

    "Master Han Xiao! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! My bodyguard didn't mean it! But you... Why the hell in the dead of night are you here?" Ning Xi asked with a twitching mouth.

    Couldn't you have made a more normal entrance?

    Han Xiao replied, "I'm hungry."

    Ning Xi was speechless.

    Master, don't you know that you saying such words to me in the middle of the night is very terrifying?

    Thankfully, even though they had not been in contact much, she still understood a part of this guy's eccentric temperament...

    "Oh, oh, oh, then I'll treat you to a meal! Kentucky is open 24 hours!"

    "Mmm." The master instantly moved his murderous gaze away from Shi Xiao.