Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 157

    Chapter 157: Flattery Failed

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    The air was dead silent.

    After a very long time, Ning Xi swallowed hard, and started to speak incoherently as she tried to change the subject. "Haha Lord Boss, youre a crack shot! Awesome, awesome! But that was such a waste! That vase must have been very expensive, right?

    Lu Tingxiaos eyes were cold: "If you dont want to talk about it, you dont have to."

    Ning Xi bowed her head in dismay. "But your expression is saying that if I don't confess, youll cut off all ties with me, youre not being sincere at all."

    Apart from confessing for leniency, did she have a second option?

    Ning Xi sighed, and could only explain to him the ins and outs of the matter. "I told you about the problem with the prop, right? When I hurt Ning Xueluo by mistake? Now the props master is saying that I bribed him to tamper with the prop, isnt he pushing me towards death? With his one statement, not only will my career be destroyed, Ill also be imprisoned!"

    Lu Tingxiao stared at her: "So?"

    Ning Xi coughed, and faltered. "So I forced that guy to tell the truth!"

    Looking at her indifferent attitude, Lu Tingxiao's face turned stormy. "Ning Xi, do you know how dangerous it was for you to do that? You're a girl"

    Ning Xi lowered her head. "I know, I know! But wasnt I forced to do so because I had no other choice? You don't know Zhang Qiang. That man is a hoodlum and a scoundrel, I could only use this simple and crude method to deal with that type of person!"

    "I said before, you can look for me if you need help. Instead, you would rather choose such a dangerous method than speak to me?" Lu Tingxiao's eyes were filled with heavy disappointment.

    The look in his eyes made her heart throb painfully for some reason.

    This was the first time Lu Tingxiao was so angry with her, and Ning Xi was anxious. "No, no! I"

    In the end, her head hurt as she sighed. "Im just used to it"

    Used to solving everything by herself, used to not relying on anyone else.

    They both became silent again.

    "Hey, but, how did you know I had a gun on me?" Ning Xi suddenly remembered, and asked him suspiciously.

    "Smell." Lu Tingxiao answered with a cold face.

    "Eh, so thats it! Is it the smell of gunpowder? I didn't expect Lord Boss to have such a keen sense of smell, hehehe"

    Lu Tingxiao's face was still as cold as ice, the kind that was a thousand years old.

    Flattery failed.

    Ning Xi said helplessly, "Lu Tingxiao, its really not because I didnt want to tell you, but for this kind of trifling thing, you dont have to personally take action. Otherwise, wouldnt it just be using a sledgehammer to crack a nut? But now I really, really need your help with one thing! You definitely must, must help me! Ive thought about it over and over again, and only you can help me with this thing! If you won't help me, I'll pester you to death!"

    This time, even though Lu Tingxiao still looked cold, he finally looked at her. "Speak."

    Ning Xi felt a little relieved, and then she hurriedly said: "Its like this! Although I have Zhang Qiangs confession and the email sent by the other party and details of the money transfer, the evidence can only be used to clear suspicion against me, and can't help identify the person behind this.

    "A real person must take revenge on his enemies. It's too easy for her if I let her get away without being punished! So Ive been thinking, is there any way to trace the other partys bank account information and IP address?

    Darling Little Treasure is so amazing even though hes very young, its definitely because of Lord Bosss superior genes. So Lord Boss, you must definitely be even more amazing at this, and you definitely have a way, right?"