Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1565

    Chapter 1565: I Want A Child

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    Chapter 1565: I Want A Child
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    It was only when Ning Xueluo's call rang that he woke with a start from these emotions. He immediately rushed to the office.

    After he had made his way there, he saw Ning Xueluo leaning on the car under the dim lights and there was a pool of blood beside her, inducing a ghastly sight.


    "Bro Yan... You're here... I thought that... I wouldn't see you..."

    "Don't talk nonsense! Let me send you to the hospital!" As he watched the girl's weak expression in desperation, Su Yan felt his heart tighten. He immediately carried the girl into the car.

    After some hurrying, Su Yan sent Ning Xueluo to the hospital to treat her wound before they went home.

    When they saw that Ning Xueluo being carried in by Su Yan, Zheng Minjun, and Su Hongguang were shocked.

    "What happened?"

    Su Yan looked at Zheng Minjun in distress. "Mother, it's already so late. Why did you have Xueluo go out to look for me!?"

    "We haven't seen you for quite a few days now. I was just worried about you! She's your wife. Obviously, she should be doing this kind of thing!" Zheng Minjun was quite exasperated.

    "What's up with Xueluo's wound?" Su Hongguang asked.

    "She went to my company to look for me. Halfway, she was attacked by an unknown person."

    Su Hongguang spoke with a drop in his tone, "That incident has caused such a huge ruckus. It's really too chaotic outside there right now. Later on, arrange two bodyguards for her!"

    "Father, Mother, I'm fine... It's just a small wound... I'm sorry for giving you both trouble..." Ning Xueluo looked pale.

    When they saw Ning Xueluo like this, even if Zheng Minjun was angry, she could not express it. Otherwise, she would make Su Yan upset if she said too much.

    Su Yan was too protective of this girl!

    Thus, she could only keep it in for now.

    Inside the room.

    Su Yan lay Ning Xueluo on the bed and was about to leave when a pair of arms reached out around his neck gently.

    "Bro Yan, give me a child, alright? I want a child that belongs to us. Now that I've quit the entertainment industry, I can prepare for pregnancy with ease. Once I have children, I'll have more time to take care of them, to accompany them..."

    Something flashed in Su Yan's eyes. "There's no need to rush. We're both still young."

    There were tears in Ning Xueluo's eyes. Her fingers searched out for his lower body. "But I want..."

    "Don't mess around. You're still hurt."

    "It's okay! We just have to be a little more careful!"


    With her provocation, Su Yan could not help it in the end.

    "Ah... Bro Yan... Slowly... Slowly..."

    Tonight, Su Yan was particularly rough for some reason, yet Ning Xueluo felt reassured. Su Yan still loved her the most and had to succumb to her body.

    Ning Xueluo thought about this, but she did not even notice that when Su Yan was thrusting into her, he had not looked at her once throughout as if he was distracted and deep in some fantasy...

    In the last moment, after Su Yan rammed hard into her once more, his body then slumped onto the girl. His head lowered beside the girl's ear, then he indistinctly muttered, "Xiao Xi..."

    After that, Su Yan fell asleep in a daze as he hugged Ning Xueluo tightly in his embrace in his sleep.

    The instant she heard Su Yan say that name, Ning Xueluo felt as if her entire being was struck by thunder. She turned pale.

    Su Yan... How could it be?

    How could he? How could he be charmed by that woman!?

    That dirty woman had sex with some hideous mess of a man and had even given birth to a bastard!

    Back then, a huge part of the reason why Su Yan had left Ning Xi was that he cared about this. Which man could accept that his woman had done it with another man and had even given birth to that man's child?

    One must know that back then when she was together with Su Yan, that had been her first time!

    So, it was impossible... She must have heard him wrong! Bro Yan definitely would not have any more thoughts about Ning Xi...