Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1552

    Chapter 1552: Wicked People Will Be Afflicted With Wickedness

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    Chapter 1552: Wicked People Will Be Afflicted With Wickedness
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    Because such a huge ruckus had suddenly broken out, as the party involved, Ning Xueluo was surrounded by journalists very shortly.

    "Xueluo, is Ning Xi really the foster daughter of the Ning family?"

    "Miss Ning, Ning Xi has done so many horrible things to you! Why would you want to protect such a lowly, shameless, ungrateful, nasty person?!"


    Facing the journalists who came to her aid for the injustice and the barrage of questions, Ning Xueluo revealed an expression that showed how much she had been enduring silently. "No, no, it's not... It's not like what you think. I believe there must be some misunderstanding in between. I really don't know why Sister would do that."

    Her words seemed to be absolving Ning Xi, yet in reality, they completely confirmed the journalists' words.

    Indeed, Ning Xueluo's words caused a huge commotion.

    Ning Xueluo did not deny what they said!

    Ning Xi was actually the foster daughter Ning family!

    Ning Xi had really done all those filthy things!

    Oh my God!

    Initially, they had thought that she was an encouraging goddess, but who would have thought she was a mean and lowly nasty person?!

    All the while, the pure and kind-hearted Ning Xueluo had been enduring the burden silently.

    The scene went into a frenzy when there was suddenly a stinky odor. The crowd could not help but cover their noses.

    Right at that moment, someone suddenly vigorously and boorishly pushed the crowd of reporters. Because they did not know what the incredibly stinky item the person held was, the crowd immediately evaded and let the person through until she walked all the way up to Ning Xueluo.

    "My God! What's that thing?! It's so smelly!"

    "Stop pushing, stop pushing! Who's this crude person!?"

    "Who's this? Where did she come from?"


    The crowd was still grumbling when they saw an old lady with solid footsteps holding a huge, black wooden bucket. She had walked right up to Ning Xueluo.

    In the next second, with the sound of a crash, that old lady had unexpectedly flung the wooden bucket, splashing all the dirt and filth onto Ning Xueluo.

    In that instant, the stink assaulted the nostrils of all present. Almost everyone fainted from the stench.

    "Ah!!!" Ning Xueluo was stunned for a second, then she released an earth-shattering screech.

    When everyone else realized what happened, they were dumbfounded too. They would never have thought that an old lady would suddenly appear and splash Ning Xueluo with feces and urine.

    Before the crowd could fathom what had happened, in a loud and clear voice that was louder than Ning Xueluo's screech, the old lady started shouting, "Aiyo, aiyo! I won't be able to stay alive! We're going to be forced to our deaths! Our entire family is going to be hounded to death by this lowly wench!"

    This... This was huge news!

    Everyone's first reaction was to raise their cameras and start shooting instead of helping Ning Xueluo up.

    However, one could not blame them either. Even Chang Li and Su Yan were stupefied. They did not dare to touch Ning Xueluo who was currently covered from head to toe in filth. Only Ning Xueluo was hopping mad like a crazy person. "Someone! Someone, come! Someone, come help me!"

    Helplessly, her voice was drowned out by the old lady. "Don't be fooled by this wench! She's not the lady of some wealthy family. She's a lowly brat from our valley gutter. This granddaughter of mine was brought home wrongly from the hospital and that's how she got into a rich family!

    "Once she was with the rich people, she forgot her roots. Not only was she not in the least concerned with us because she was afraid that we'd leak her identity out, she even wanted to hound our entire family to death!

    "When our family was forced into a tight spot by the gangsters, my grandson came to Imperial and begged her, but she told the maids to chase my obedient grandson, her brother, away like he was a beggar!

    "She was afraid of people realizing that she is a lowly wench, so she changed her brother's first choice of university and refused to let him come to Imperial to study..."

    "You, shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Ning Xueluo's face was full of fear as she rushed over like a mad woman.

    However, before Ning Xueluo could get close, the old lady fell to the ground and yelled, "Aiyo, murder! Murder! Help!"