Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1551

Chapter 1551: Simply Inhumane

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Chapter 1551: Simply Inhumane
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Ning Xi was the foster daughter of the Ning family?

In that instance, a tossed stone stirred a thousand ripples.

However, even more shocking news was to come after.

That journalist continued to fire away, "You were initially a lowly and uncouth village orphan girl. The Nings pitied you and decided to take you in. In fact, they sent you to study abroad, but the first thing you did after you returned was to enter the entertainment industry, going against Ning Xueluo constantly, stealing her limelight everywhere you went. You even allied with your relative to come up with the story of carrying the wrong baby home, trying to take what isn't your own, scheming to seize the Ning Corporation's inheritance. Such a despicable shamelessness of ingratitude! You're simply inhumane..."

Silence. Dead silence.

No one would have thought that right after Ning Xi bagged the award, such a world-shaking scandal would surface.

If this were the case, Ning Xi's encouraging image would turn into a case of a scoundrel realizing their ambition.

Many of the journalists present all thought of the statement the Ning family had made previously. However, as for the involved foster daughter, they could not find out who it was.

Still, they never would have thought that person would be Ning Xi!

"Miss Ning, is he telling the truth? Are you really the foster daughter of the Ning family?!"

"It is said that you used flowery words and cheated Elder Ning out of 10% of shares. Is that true?"

"You keep on saying that you're grateful for those who have helped you in the worst of times. Is that how you repay them now?"


Facing all the severe disdain and reprimands, Ning Xi's expression was abnormally calm throughout. Her gaze looked past the journalists who surrounded her as she quietly looked towards Ning Xueluo who was not too far away.

Ning Xueluo smirked at her. She mouthed her lips, "I told you, all of these are mine."

Ning Xueluo dared to invert the right and the wrong, and twist the truth, all because she knew that everyone would stand on her side because she knew that even if it was all lies, it would be hard for her to explain herself.

At this moment, Su Yan returned. When he saw this scene before him, his expression changed. "What happened? How do these journalists know about all those things?"

Ning Xueluo looked anxious as she shooked her head. "I don't know either. It looks the journalists have found out about Sister and her relationship with the Ning family...

"The last time, because Aunty Qiutong and Sister said those things at the cocktail event, it affected me hugely. Father and Mother had to make a public statement. The journalists already started investigating since then. Even if Father and Mother had been sealing off information, but sooner or later it just can't be concealed anymore...

"However, I didn't think that... It would be exposed at such a moment. Bro Yan, what do we do?"

Ning Xueluo started to cry as she pulled on Su Yan's sleeve and said sadly, "Bro Yan, I can't just watch Sister continue to be misunderstood like this. Maybe I should go tell the journalists the truth. Tell them that I'm the foster daughter, that Ning Xi is Father and Mother's biological daughter..."

Su Yan's expression turned terrible. He blurted out, "No!"

When Ning Xueluo heard that, there was a delight in her eyes. She found his reaction as expected. She knew that Su Yan would stand on her side.

She was his wife now, and they were bound together for good or bad. If she were to be humiliated, it would humiliate him and the entire Su family.

He was very clear about who ought to be protected.

At the same time, Ling Zhizhi frowned and defended Ning Xi as she revealed a hesitant expression, "Indeed, they have come prepared! Are you sure she's okay alone? Do you want to get someone to help her?"

Ning Xi withdrew her gaze from Ning Xueluo and Su Yan's direction before she said plainly, "There's no need. You just need to let her in."

"Okay," replied Ling Zhizhi.