Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1550

    Chapter 1550: Completely Replace

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    Chapter 1550: Completely Replace
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    Chang Li instantly understood Ning Xueluo's hint. She said a little hesitantly, "Do you really want to do that?"

    Chang Li had long known that Ning Xi came from a lowly background. In fact, she knew about her being the Ning family's foster daughter, but she somehow felt quite uneasy about exposing this right now.

    "Didn't Charmain Ning say that the Ning family's relationship with Ning Xi can never be revealed to outsiders?" Chang Li hesitated.

    "Since when did you have a say in the things I do! You just do whatever I tell you to! Quickly go do it!" Ning Xueluo was already on the verge of exploding at this point. Of course, she would not listen to anything.

    She did not want to watch Ning Xi strut around in front of her anymore. She did not want to see a single second of it. She simply wanted her to be disdained, despised, and sneered at!

    In any case, because of that witch Ning Qiutong causing a ruckus before this, the news about the Ning family having two daughters, one biological and one foster, had already been spread out there. In order to clarify it, Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu were forced to come out and publicly make a statement. They said that she was the real lady of the Ning family. In fact, they explained that the other one was just an orphan that the Ning family had adopted from the village, dismissing the rumors about them carrying the wrong baby home.

    At that time, the media wanted to dig out who the foster daughter was, but they had all been suppressed by Ning Yaohua.

    However, since there was already a crack in the matter, it being exposed was just a matter of time. The media could even have been continuing their digging...

    Thus, it would be better for her to just grasp this key opportunity and expose this herself today.

    If this foster daughter had been anyone else, it would not have mattered. However, it was Ning Xi, who was also in the entertainment industry. Plus, it was Ning Xi who was opposing her!

    What would the media and public think?

    They would think that as an orphan from the village, even though Ning Xi was kindly adopted by the Ning family, she did not know how to be grateful and had even tried in vain to substitute one thing for another. She had shamelessly pretended to be a lady from a wealthy family...

    Most importantly, once Ning Xi's identity as the foster daughter was confirmed, Ning Xi would forever owe the Nings for raising her, thus she would owe her too. Even her existence would just be like a tiny servant girl before her. Ning Xi would forever be beneath her. All of the conflicts and hostility before this could also be concluded as envy. She could be construed as not knowing what was good for her ownself and being ungrateful...

    She believed that Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu, including all of the people in the Su family, would stand on her side. They would all prove that she was the real lady of the Ning family.

    Coincidentally, she wanted to use the opportunity today to pull the carpet from under Ning Xi. She wanted to resolve all of her worries of the future and forever become the real lady of the Ning family, replacing Ning Xi's position so that no one would suspect this ever again!

    When she saw that Ning Xueluo was very determined, Chang Li had no choice. She could only find a corner with no one else and secretly make a few phone calls to the journalists that she had arranged in advance.

    Initially, she thought that Ning Xueluo's wins were in the bag, but in the end, it was still not an absolute possibility. The Golden Film Awards were indeed hard to predict. Thus, so as to not have this unwarranted incident, which was in the event that Ning Xi bagged the award, Ning Xueluo had prepared this plan.

    Chang Li kept thinking about it. She felt that exposing this thing would indeed benefit Ning Xueluo. In fact, it could turn the tables on a wider scale, thus she slowly felt more at ease and had watched the entire course of events from the sidelines.

    At this moment, one of the taller journalists suddenly rushed to Ning Xi and asked loudly, "Movie queen Ning, you and Ning Xueluo both share the same surname. Do you have some kind of family relationship? There's a rumor that you're the foster daughter of the Ning family. Is this true?"