Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 155

    Chapter 155: How Cruel

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    Lu Jingli was about to break into the room to rescue her, when he saw the situation inside flip 180 degrees, and he just stood where he was, stupefied.

    "Single-handedly and even with a gun! Holy shit! If Im right, thats a Beretta 92F! Where did she get that from?"Lu Jingli was impressed.

    Then a miserable thought floated through his mind after that: his second chance today to become the hero who saved the beauty had fallen through yet again!

    Inside the house, Zhang Qiang stared intently at the gun in Ning Xis hand, afraid that she would fire at the slightest provocation like earlier. She left him no leeway to react at all, how cruel!

    "I, I, I Im telling the truth! Every single word is true! Otherwise, may the heavens strike me down with thunder and lightning!"

    Ning Xi didn't say anything, and he didn't know if she really believed him or not. She spun the gun in her hand skillfully.

    My little grandaunt! Please don't set it off accidentally!

    Zhang Qiang almost pissed his pants as he watched, and he asked nervously, "Do do you want me to create false evidence by naming someone if you want me to say its Ning Xueluo, Then Ning Xueluo it is! Without conditions! Ill do whatever you say unconditionally! It is whoever you say it is!"

    False evidence?

    She wanted concrete proof!

    Ning Xi pointed the tip of her gun at his chin and said, "Give me the number of the bank account that the other party sent you the money from, and the email you received."

    "Okay, okay, its all in my computer, Ill go and get it! But the email was anonymous and it was a foreign bank account, so it might be useless to you" Zhang Qiang grabbed a laptop out from under his covers, and showed her the email and all the details of the money transfer.

    Ning Xi glanced over everything to make sure there were no issues, and said, "This laptop belongs to me now, do you have a problem with that?"

    Zhang Qiang shook his head quickly, "No, no, Grandaunt is free to take it! Whatever you want to take, just take!"

    Ning Xi laughed coldly. Heh, she jumped all the way from big sister to grandaunt.

    This kind of asshole wouldn't listen to reason, and if you gave him an inch when discussing conditions, he would take a mile.He was even more deceitful than you could hope to be at playing tricks, so the only way to deal with him was to fight fire with fire.

    After returning to China, this was her first time using this gun. There was no way she wasnt nervous, but she was a good actress, and as long as she pretended she was acting, she could instantly calm down.

    She just picked the role of a murdering psychopath to play, looks like things turned out nicely.

    Acting was her passion and her career, and also the means by which she protected herself.

    "Then, Grandaunt, is there anything else?" Zhang Qiang realized that she wasn't leaving, and he swallowed nervously.

    Ning Xi looked at him like she was thinking of cutting him into pieces. "Mm let me think"

    "Think think about what?"

    "Of course Im thinking whether I should kill you to silence you. What if you turn around to tell other people that I forced a confession out of you?" Ning Xi said in a matter-of-fact tone, her expression deadly serious.

    Zhang Qiangs legs gave way and he fell to his knees again. "I wouldnt! I wouldnt dare no matter how much courage I have!"

    He really was telling the truth, for he was the type to bully the weak and fear the strong, and this time Ning Xi had really scared him out of his mind.

    He had never expected that such a gentle and delicate-looking little girl could actually be this frightening. He didn't even dare look into those sinister eyes, for fear he would have nightmares.

    Ning Xi laughed lightly, and patted his cheek with the gun. "Dont worry, not only will I not kill you, Ill even send you money."