Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1547

    Chapter 1547: The Soul of A Film

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    Chapter 1547: The Soul of A Film
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    When the director of "Mountain", Qi Feng, saw the results, he looked like he had been expecting this all along.

    In the end, the Best Female Lead award still came down to the acting skills of the female leads.

    No matter how amazing the screenplay of "Mountain" was, even if the judges really liked it, it could not change the fact that Ning Xueluo's acting was not able to touch their hearts.

    The fact that they had received the Best Screenplay award was a huge irony. Despite such solid screenplay, he could not live up to its standards

    As time went on, arthouse films got less and less popular. Even with directors like him, a lot of them would give in and invite some young and rising stars, ending up with some cliche-filled melodramatic movies.

    Even he was not spared. He insisted on honoring the original screenplay. He understood that Ning Xueluo's acting was not able to provide him with the effect he wanted, but in the end, he gave in to her high popularity. Moreover, not only did she invest a large sum, she had also agreed to star in his movie without any pay. The conditions she offered were too difficult for him to reject.

    As for Chen Mian, for him to be able to produce a movie like "Dream Chaser" under such a harsh environment with fairly new artistes, so his courage was something worthy of praise.

    Of course, he felt more envious towards him, envious that he was able to meet an actress like Ning Xi.

    It was safe to assume that without Ning Xi, "Dream Chaser" would cease to exist; even if it did exist without her, it would be just another average film.

    In a nutshell, the actors were the soul of a film.

    It was Ning Xi's second time on stage tonight. She bowed as she received the trophy from Song Lin, then she stood in front of the microphone, becoming the center of attention of everyone at the scene and in front of the television.

    Ning Xi was still a little absent-minded while she stood on the stage with the trophy in her hands. She reflected back on five years ago when she could not even see a beam of light in her future to finally being on stage with the award. Moreover, it was her role model, Song Lin, who presented her with the award.

    She had finally escaped hell and started a new life.

    All of this felt like a dream to her. Floating on the soft clouds, it did not feel real.

    Ning Xi stood there in silence but no one urged her. Everyone just looked at the girl on stage quietly.

    In comparison to her powerful entrance, the girl looked composed at the moment. She was so quiet and beautiful that no one wanted to disturb her.

    In an old mansion in Imperial.

    The man with white hair sat in front of the huge television. He tilted his head sideways and looked at the girl on stage. "She left because of this?"

    Tang Ye spoke to him, "Everyone has their own determination and goals. It might not be worth anything to others but it might mean everything to them."

    The man frowned but his eyes were locked on the girl. He did not understand it before but the moment he saw the girl receive the trophy, he suddenly understood

    After a short silence on the stage, the girl looked up with her slightly teary eyes and spoke slowly, "I'm very excited and very honored to receive this award. What makes me really happy is that my favorite idol presented me with this award!"

    The crowd chuckled and Song Lin smiled as well. The girl was full of enthusiasm and integrity. No one doubted if she had any other intentions. Instead, they were touched by her straightforwardness.