Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1544

    Chapter 1544: Unexpected But Reasonable

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    Chapter 1544: Unexpected But Reasonable
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    The nominated films included "Mountain", "The World", and "Dream Chaser". The other two nominated works were a science fiction movie and an action movie.

    The five directors appeared on the big screen: Qi Feng, Guo Qisheng, Chen Mian, Xie Yilei, and Qiao Yan.

    Not just the directors, even the main casts were nervous. It was a matter of glory!

    Ning Xueluo took a deep breath to soothe her worries. It did not matter if Guo Qisheng or Qi Feng received the award, but... Please, not Chen Mian, please!

    Jiang Muye was on Ning Xi's left, and next to him was Guo Qisheng. Chen Mian was on Ning Xi's right.

    Qi Feng was seated a row in front, diagonally across Chen Mian.

    Among them, Qi Feng had received the most awards before. He had been nominated in large-scale movie festivals numerous times and had even received the Golden Feather Award from one of the four big movie festivals, the Lorraine Movie Festival. He had also received two Golden Film Awards before. In addition to that, he had raised countless famous artistes. Ning Xueluo was willing enough to cast in his movie without any pay and she even compromised with all his requests, even acting in challenging, unpleasant scenes in the movie.

    With so much prior experience, Qi Feng was the calmest one there. Guo Qisheng put on his usual smile. He usually took on the route of commercialized films anyway, so being nominated was a good enough reward for him.

    As for Chen Mian, he had told her before that he did not have much chance of winning the award. Although his nomination signified that there were people in the judging panel who admired his work, most judges in the panel would still prefer melodrama and it was difficult for their movie to appeal to their preferences.

    A foreign director had been invited as a guest to present the award. He spoke in less than fluent Chinese, "Moving on, I'll be revealing the winner of the Best Director award"

    Everyone was patiently waiting for the results.

    This award was important because the Best Director award was usually a significant predictor for the Best Female Lead award. Most of the time, the same film would receive both awards together.

    "The Best Director award this time goes to... Guo Qisheng!"

    Guo Qisheng was pretty popular in the industry. Everyone clapped and cheered for him, and people started congratulating him.

    Guo Qisheng was a little surprised when he heard his own name. He then stood up and thanked the people around him.

    Guo Qisheng's victory this time was unexpected but reasonable. He had all the conditions in favor of him -- good screenplay, sufficient budget, and quality actors.

    Ning Xueluo was thrilled. She stood up and was about to give Guo Qisheng a hug.

    However, Guo Qisheng turned towards Ning Xi and hugged her first instead.

    Ning Xueluo seemed a tad upset. Not only did he not reach out to her, the female lead first. What was he trying to express by going to the female secondary lead first?

    Ning Xi sat nearer to Guo Qisheng anyway, so it made sense that Guo Qisheng had approached the nearest person first.

    Guo Qisheng then hugged the main casts, Ning Xueluo, Zhao Sizhou, and some other core members.

    Chen Mian smiled and congratulated Guo Qisheng. No one knew what Qi Feng's expression was like at the moment

    On the stage, Guo Qisheng went by the book and thanked everyone for receiving this award.

    As he was about to leave, the host asked him something to liven up the ceremony. "Director Guo, can you give us your prediction about who'll be the Best Female Lead? Speaking of which, Xueluo has two nominations this time. Do you think 'The World' or 'Mountain' has a better chance of winning?"