Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1540

    Chapter 1540: Were In The Same Boat

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    Chapter 1540: Were In The Same Boat

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    Nevertheless, Lu Tingxiao was looking absolutely ravishing today!

    Before this charm of his, she could not think of anything to reject him! What a tragedy!

    After a painful internal struggle, Ning Xi held onto Lu Tingxiao's arm.

    She could push all the responsibilities to Ye Zixuan later. It was her fault for declining at the last minute anyway. She could just say that Lu Tingxiao was there to help her out.

    Ning Xi found herself a perfect excuse to cover up the fact that she had fallen for his charm.

    The moment Ning Xi held onto Lu Tingxiao's arm and stepped onto the red carpet, the media, invited guests, and the surrounding fans all went crazy!

    "Ah, oh my God! Who's that?! Who's the partner Bro Xi is with now? Why haven't I ever seen him before?!"

    "It's impossible for a wolf like me to miss out on something so juicy. He's not an artiste. He's probably the boss of some company or someone at the management level." Because of the two of them, the scene turned chaotic.

    Some people in the industry, who knew Lu Tingxiao, could not believe it. "Wow! Am I mistaken? Ning Xi's male partner... is... is Lu Tingxiao?"

    Several artistes from Glory World Entertainment were really excited too. "Oh my gosh! Bro Xi is not just drop dead gorgeous. Even the Boss is here to please our eyes!"

    "This combo from our company can be labeled as the strongest in history! Amazing! Starlight Entertainment must be startled now! Let's see if they'll continue using their artiste's attractiveness as their main selling point! Our artistes are so much better looking than theirs!"

    One was a blazing fire while the other one was a calm mystery as they strolled in together.

    It was just a short walk on the red carpet, but it felt like they were walking down a wedding aisle, almost blinding everyone's eyes.

    A blonde behind them almost puked blood

    Did he just cut my line? And damn you, Ning Xiao Xi, you just went away with him like that!

    Lu Jingli patted his nephew's shoulder sympathetically. "We're in the same boat. Don't be sad, you have me with you!"

    Jiang Muye was speechless.

    Who'd want to be with you!?

    When Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao finally reached the autograph wall, the two stunned hosts came back to their senses.

    They looked at each other awkwardly, recalling how they had praised Su Yan and Ning Xueluo as the ultimate couple, and how they were the best looking ones around

    They could not compare to these two at all!

    "Welcome, Bro Xi! Oh no, tonight you should be Goddess Xi! Welcome, Goddess Xi and CEO Lu! Both of you look really attractive tonight!"

    "That's right, the sight of the both of you is really pleasing to the eyes!"

    Su Yan looked at the man beside Ning Xi from the entrance, his face turning pale.

    Even though it was normal for Lu Tingxiao to be with a popular artiste since he was the big boss of Glory World Entertainment, he felt gloomy and frustrated when he saw Ning Xi hold onto this man. A crazy thought even crossed his mind. If only the man beside Ning Xi right now was him...

    After sending off the couple, the other pair behind was pretty attention-grabbing as well.

    Lu Jingli wrapped his arm around a reluctant Jiang Muye's shoulder as he dragged him up the red carpet.

    One of them smiled like a blooming flower as the other looked disgruntled and impatient. The fujoshi spirit within the fans was awakened