Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1539

    Chapter 1539: Stand Out Even More

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    Chapter 1539: Stand Out Even More

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    The two hosts on stage looked at each other the moment Ning Xi appeared. They were both thinking about the same thing.

    No wonder Ye Zixuan did not want to stand beside Ning Xi!

    Surely it could not have been Ning Xi's request. Ye Zixuan must have been the one who refused to walk with her.

    Not just Ye Zixuan, no woman present would want to walk beside her. They would just feel humiliated!

    Ning Xueluo slowed down intentionally just to look at Ning Xi who was coming right behind her. She wanted to see the woman's expression when she saw her and Su Yan together, but she did not expect that she would attract everyone's attention with just her face alon. She stood out much more than Ning Xueluo's appearance just now

    This witch! She was definitely a vixen!

    Su Yan looked distracted beside her. Although he was stunned like the others, when he saw the passionate gazes of the other men on her, he had an indescribable feeling welling up inside him.

    The little girl back then had now become a glamorous and gorgeous celebrity

    And the first love of this girl that was able to make every man go crazy, the person she had liked for the very first time was him.

    She had once loved and admired him, and had been willing to sacrifice everything for him.

    As he thought about this, his eyes were fired up. He felt an odd sense of fulfillment, but the next second, for some reason he felt down

    Naturally, Ning Xueluo noticed Su Yan's line of sight. She looked at him with a far-fetched expression and spoke in a slightly disappointed tone, "Bro Yan, Sis looks really gorgeous today. She's definitely a cut above all the female stars present tonight!"

    Su Yan nodded absent-mindedly. "Mmm, she's pretty."

    If it what been some time back then, he might have still been considerate about Ning Xueluo's feelings and comfort her with some words, but now, he could not say anything that contradicted with what he truly thought.

    Ning Xueluo choked back her fury. Her fingernails dug into her palm as she clenched them tightly.

    She gritted her teeth and glared at Ning Xi again with a dark expression. Ning Xi came out of the car alone and no one was beside her. Ye Zixuan was supposed to make her entrance with Ning Xi, but it seemed like Ye Zixuan would not be appearing.

    With her standing out so much tonight, she would face the backlash later!

    On Ning Xi's side, Ling Zhizhi had already told Jiang Muye about the situation.

    After Ning Xi got down from the car, she waited for Jiang Muye's car which was behind hers as she straightened her dress. At the same time, the photographers and her fans were yelling at her.

    "Look over here, Bro Xi!"

    "Look at me, my goddess!".

    She heard the sound of solid footsteps closing in. Ning Xi turned around and was about to enter with Jiang Muye, but she was taken aback the next second.

    The man unexpectedly went up to her and helped her with her dress. Then, he stood beside her and signalled her to hold onto his arm.

    "Dar-..." Ning Xi was surprised by who it was.


    He had a face that could steal the shine away from the stars, emitting a powerful aura like that of a cold and aloof nobleman from the olden days. Everything he did was elegant. Every picture he was in looked like a fashion image. He appeared far more outstanding than every male star at the event. Who else would it be aside from Lu Tingxiao!?

    "Why are you here?" Ning Xi asked quietly.

    "Don't you need a partner?" Lu Tingxiao asked her back without any expression. He carried the attitude as if he was expected to be there.

    Ning Xi's mouth twitched.

    needed a male partner was because walking the red carpet alone would stand out too much, but if you being my partner will make me stand out even more!