Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1533

    Chapter 1533: Your Wife Is The Best

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    Chapter 1533: Your Wife Is The Best

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    When Ning Xi saw the words "Best Female Secondary Lead", she felt just as thrilled as when she found out she had been nominated for the Best Female Lead for "Dream Chaser".

    "The World" was her first movie, thus it was sentimental to her. To be nominated in the country's most prestigious awards ceremony, it was a great affirmation to her past rookie self.

    When she browsed the document further, she saw

    "What the heck?! Ning Xueluo's lousy acting got her a nomination for Best Female Lead?" Lu Jingli was surprised, then he mumbled, "There must be some hidden deal behind this, or her name might just be included there for the sake of it!"

    After Ning Xi studied the whole list, she realized that Ning Xueluo had two movies that had been nominated for Best Female Lead. One of it was "The World", and the other one was "Mountain".

    It seemed like Ning Xueluo was pushing to redeem herself

    "She's been nominated for two roles! The judging panel must be blind!" Lu Jingli kept on complaining.

    Ning Xi stroked her chin and started analyzing, "Ning Xueluo's performance in 'The World' was pretty satisfying. It's within expectation that she's been nominated as the Best Female Lead for that."

    Even now people were still talking about how Ning Xueluo's performance in "The World" was the peak of her entire acting career.

    In truth, most of Ning Xueluo's acting had been a reaction to Ning Xi.

    She could not find the same sense of urgency in the later films. Of course, she could never reach that level of performance again...

    Ning Xi paused for a little, then continued, "As for a film like 'Mountain', because it was aired at the same time as 'Dream Chaser', they did terribly at the box office and earned only a few million, but this movie never aimed to do well at the box office anyway. It was aimed at winning awards based on the type and theme of the movie. The judging panel likes character development such as the one in the film, so it's not unexpected that it's nominated"

    It did not matter whether Ning Xueluo had pulled any strings behind the scenes. There would not be any objections from anyone about these two roles of hers being nominated.

    As for Ning Xi's "Dream Chaser", which was labeled as a commercial soap drama, it was really unexpected for it to be nominated, and although she performed pretty well in "The World", the Best Female Secondary Lead category was pretty competitive this time. She saw several other strong opponents in the list. It would be difficult for her to win.

    Lu Jingli patted Ning Xi's shoulder. "Xiao Xi Xi, my guess would be that... Your chances of winning an award are pretty high! You're really talented after all!"

    Lu Tingxiao interrupted, "Do you really still have to guess?"

    Lu Jingli was speechless. "Fine, fine... We don't need to guess. Your wife is the best!"

    Lu Tingxiao looked at Ning Xi and comforted her, "Don't worry, the Golden Film Award is one of the most highly regarded awards, not only because it's professional, but it's also well-known for their fairness. One will need to win an award by merit."

    Even if someone pulled tricks from within, they would never be able to affect the final results.

    Ning Xi was a little nervous since it was her first time being nominated after all, but she felt much better after Lu Tingxiao comforted her.

    "Congratulations for being nominated, Mommy!" The little bun complimented his mother, and he had somehow brought her a bouquet of flowers as well.

    The bouquet was too huge for the little bun. It almost covered his whole body.

    Lu Tingxiao took the bouquet and presented it to Ning Xi. He kissed her forehead and murmured, "Congratulations."

    The two of them... They had come prepared!

    The single Lu Jingli was so jealous of them. He suppressed his pain and took out a car key. "It's a reward from the company! I'm giving it to you in advance!"

    "Thank you" Ning Xi gently held the flowers. She was not worried about winning an award at the moment. Warmth flooded her heart.